Apr 17, 2012

The Weird in Orlando .. and that's just Anne & I!

Sadly, my bestie Anne has gone. We had a great time as usual, apart from being late to the airport so we didn't get our farewell cocktail :-(

(Have you noticed a re-occurring theme in Anne's travels of being late to the airport?)

But I still have tons of ammunition cool blogging material! to use up

Whilst I'm content to sunbath and chill out when she arrives, 'Stilton' (my nickname for her) cannot stay in the sun too long without burning. So we always find ourselves looking for days out...

Now Orlando being the tourist hub that it is has lots to do... mostly tacky crap that everyone loves when they are holiday in the sun...

And this is how we found ourselves at Ripley's Believe it or Not.

I vaguely remember the show being on the TV when I was younger, but I know it was a lot more popular over here.


I've never been anywhere where there was so much opportunity for comedy photos... holes to stick you hands in, pictures of Anne everywhere, strange green men who you could frame in compromising positions... just the type of place Anne loves... good job we had a coupon to get in though... $21 is a bit steep for the experience!

It's all lopsided..else we'd been drinking early!

And so it begins...

Oooh look a hole.. lets put our hands in it

half hear-ted attempt

Anne finds a better hole.. apparently she thinks there is a big diamond in it

oh crap there is!

Anne has been here before...

Like I said Anne has been here before

Hello ladies... look at my big..... tail

I find another big whole

So how do u  reach the eyeballs to gouge them if this is coming towards you?

Didn't realize we'd ended up in Ikea some how

Me with tallest bloke in world...

Anne with Robert Wadlow,,, wondering if he was big all over ;-)

Random potty art

new best friends... 

Anne he's touching your fun bags! 

If you have a blog, please leave me the link when you comment, so I can stalk you!

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