Jun 3, 2010

Business? yes please...

Ok....before you ask (and no one has incidently), I am not dead, nor have I been eaten or poisoned by a deadly creature down under..quite amazing considering my luck with bitey things and the fact that Australia has some of the worlds most deadly animals. Thank you all for your concern.

I have been suffering from over work and over play... and whilst this means I have tons of blogging material I have not had chance to write...until now... 12.10am nearly 2 weeks into my trip!

So a quick one.. the second half of my journey over here in business class in Emirates..


Darlinks, (as my mate Anne would say), I'm never going to travel any other way!

Things I like about long haul business class....

  1. The choice of paper... not consigned to choosing from knitting weekly and some obscure engineering mag I get to read the latest from Dubai, London, New York and Australia..smashing
  2. Cabin staff addressing me by name... how good is that!?
  3. Champagne, 'fresh' squeezed orange juice(with bits), sparkling water before take off!
  4. Gorgeous menu choice served in linen with china and proper cutlery (none of that plastic stuff (and thats just the food) !)
  5.  Flat beds....errrr duuuuhh
  6. Massage seats....OMG
  7. Ms Jones, would you like a sleep pad for your seat.....errrrrr oh go on then!
  8. BVLGARI toiletries as the freebies!
  9. Choice of 10 wines for dinner, cocktails and after dinner drinkd.. of course I only drink water...
  10. A CLEAN blanket and soft, Egyptian cotton cased pillow( heaven)
  11. 1st off the plane and priority baggage...

Things I didn't like about business...


Anyone who'd like to donate some more miles to my account so I can upgrade to go home, please feel free...

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