Jul 31, 2011

New blogger stats identifies Eric Northman as hot tamale!

So just a quickie as it's Sunday evening and I've got a stack of ironing the size if the Tour Eiffel..

I was having a look at the new Blogger stats page and nearly spat my coffee out over the keyboard...

I'd gone from an average 25-50 page views by post (I know, I'm not the most read blogger in the world!) to 1339(and growing) for one post...

Apparently I'm not the only one addicted to Eric Northman, the sexy 1000 year old True Blood vampire... insert gratuitous photo


Indeed nearly 1400 of you lovely readers came to drool along with me...

How did they find little old me? well big bad Google of course!!!

So I am left with a little quandary.. do I continue to write about ancient make believe vamps or revert back to type..?

I can't cope with the 40 followers who check in now... how will I keep 1400 happy!????

I may just throw an odd vampire in occasionally for good measure!
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Jul 27, 2011

I'm an Auntie and a good one at that!

So although one of my blogging friends did not want me to move on from Eric the Vampire Viking, needs must.. I still haven't completely accounted for my whereabouts in June...

One of the reasons I was missing in action was the arrival of my 1st niece (not by marriage) and my sister in law for a weeks holiday.

This would be my 1st time holding a baby (that I could remember! - I was reminded that I held Anne's Issy 6 years ago...I'd completely forgotten!)  and I was more than a little apprehensive, but it turned out to be an absolute doddle. My niece was 10 weeks old and was the sweetest, quietest little bundle going. I think it helps that my SIL is breast feeding and little Aisla doesn't have to wait to be fed!

What did I learn whilst she was here....

1. If I ever have a baby I'll try my hardest to breast feed.. so peaceful
2. Baby's can fly 8 hours at 10 weeks and not cry once, and will be spoilt rotten by all female cabin crew
3. Gary is super protective of small things that smell nice and didn't like to leave her alone
4. Baby's can make the stinkiest farts
5. Gary is a master at stealing baby toys without being noticed and hiding them under the bed
6. It's really hard to capture a baby smiling on camera.. even when they smile a lot!

Anyway this is a gratuitous photo blog 'cause she is so darn cute... enjoy!

1st day... who are you? I'm not sure about you!

Do you like my hat?

My guardian protector!

My Auntie!

Sorry for the excess flesh!

Do you like my swimming outfit?

My Mummy made me swim everyday!

And after swimming... a well earned nap!

Never too young for Mickey & Minnie


Hubbie lending a shoulder!

Gary playing protector

Only smile I caught on camera.. 

Oh.. and proof I'd held a baby before... me holding Issy when she was a baby!

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Jul 19, 2011

Officially obsessed - Eric Northman

You may remember that back in May I was telling you about my obsession with all things vampire... well at least the actors playing the vampires of some particular shows... well it's morphed on now to an obsession with one particular vampire, Eric, from True Blood (and the Sookie Stackhouse books)

He is officially my 'not so secret' celebrity crush, and I don't mean the actor, Alexander Skarsgard, although he seems super funny and gregarious, I mean the vampire Eric.

For those of you who have either not read the books,The Southern Vampire Mysteries, not seen True Blood (now in series 4) or have been living under a stone, Eric Northman is a vampire, slightly over one thousand years old. He has a true 'joie de vivre' and is beyond sexy. It helps that he's 6ft 4' and built like a Greek god although it's actually his character that I love the most though...

He is arrogant, confident almost to a fault, manipulative to suit his needs and not above using deceit … sounds like not someone you’d immediately fall for.. However he doesn’t lie, is loyal, totally frank and open, and you always know where you stand with him. Conversations with Eric are seldom single layered; he never says something without reason. He is not sentimental in the least but shows a great deal of concern over Sookie (damn you Sookie Stackhouse) and her happiness and well-being.

Combining the book Eric with the portrayal of Eric on screen had just made things worse for me... True Blood is the only reason we pay for HBO and I wait expectantly each week for Sunday night to roll around for my next fix.

I then sit with my saved episodes and fast forward to the Eric bits... oh yeah.. I have it bad!

Husband is quite aware of my celebrity crush..rolls his eyes... and says he's going to run off with a Werewolf (read the books.. there are Werewolf, Shapeshifters, Witches and Fairies too!)....whatever .. they howl in their sleep!

Here's the Sookie & Eric scenes from the 1st 3 episodes this series. Insert me into scenes as Sookie !!! You see Eric as he is normally and Eric after the Witches take his memory...

And so my celebrity crush is a fictional 1000 year Viking vampire... ho hum.. at least I'll never need that 'Hall Pass'

PS,.. not sure how my celebrity crush ended up being blond as all my 'human' crushes including Hubby are dark.. I've never gone for blonds!

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Jul 17, 2011

New pair of Alligator shoes please

So the start of a crazy week and I've promised to get back into blogging.. I must be mad...but I do have a ton of subjects to get too and some great photos to share.

No.1 on my list was to inform you all that it is time once again to shell out your $272 ($1022 for you out of townies) for your annual alligator harvest permit.

Days are numbered for a few of the alligators in my county. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Com-mission is gearing up for the state's annual alligator harvest from Aug. 15 to Nov. 1.
Imagine this bad boy (girl) at your back porch door!
Nearly 6,000 thrill seekers are expected to pay for a license to kill up to two gators each.

Poor things right?... well not really... they have no predators and the FWC handles about 100 to 150 calls a day from around the state about nuisance gators.

Routine where the alligator population is 1.3 million.... yes I said that correctly ...1.3 million. Imagine San Diego inhabited solely by Alligators... eeeek

Trappers are only expected to kill 400 in my county.. last year 5800 were killed state wide.

Hunting is not as easy as it sounds. First, people will be stalking mostly in the dark since the hunt hours will be from 5 p.m. to 10 a.m. And secondly, no firearms or baited hooks are allowed; just lures, gigs, harpoons or other things with retrieval lines attached.
You can go with this guy if you fancy your chances....

Still want to give it a shot? (well not literally as you can't use a gun...)

Over the past eight years, only 70 percent of the harvest tags issued have been filled meaning there are either a few unlucky or missing hunters

What do you do with a gator if you get one....You take it home and you either clean it yourself, or you take it to a processor and they do it..... gross... imagine hanging that beasty above from your garage door!

Although $272 for a license to kill two gators sounds like a lot of money, some hunters quadrupled that investment a couple of years ago when Hurricane Katrina hit. There was a depleted supply of alligator hides coming back into the commercial market, most of which came out of alligator farms in Louisiana. Florida gator hunters a couple of years ago were getting $35 or $40 a foot for some quality alligator hides. You get maybe two 10-footers, that's $800....

Today however alligator farms are back in business and demand is down because alligator products are a luxury item and people aren't buying a lot of luxury items these days.

Me, I'd turn mine into boots... because I'm never going to get my hands on $14,000 for a pair of these beauties.

Manolo Blahnik alligator boots, at a whopping $14,000. I'll be making home-made ones!

I'm normally a lover of all creatures (except crawly ones), however when you live in Florida you realise that the rogue ones need to be removed for people's safety.

What would you make from you gator hide... or have you 'unfriended' me for suggesting such an awful act... ?

ps. I'm not going hunting if you are wondering...
Alligators kill larger prey by grabbing it and dragging it into the water to drown, biting and then spinning or convulsing wildly until bite-size chunks are torn off. Even juvenile alligators execute a death roll when presented with chunks of meat. My hand looks too much like a chunk of meat. I'll let these two lovelies take the strain.. just bring me the boots when you are finished lads!

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Jul 15, 2011

I know, you missed me right?

Whoooohooooo I'm back...

These last few weeks have been CRAZY.. visitors, house stuff, work, health issues, the return of True Blood... anyway I'm back!

I have heaps of blogging material... so you may get blogged out

Sorry I haven't visited, but I'll be a more conscientious reader now so please don't slap my wrists too hard...

See you later for my 1st blog of July (eek it's already the 15th!!!)

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