Jul 26, 2010

Its all about my boy...

So its been a while since we have had a Gary post, and as the blog is titled after my aforementioned dog, it would only be fair if sometimes I gave him run of the show...

So here he is, Gary, my naughty Jack Russell cross, enjoy x

Dog park naughtiness...

So glad you'd just had a bath Gary...

How does a dog get his own queen sized bed?

I was trying to sleep...

With his mommy, his favourite place after chasing squirrels

$2.99, Spikey Ice Cream Man is the favourite toy!

Oscar, his best mate, even to the point of kisses

Treat treat treat!


Jul 15, 2010

Captcha Rant!

Captchas ... I hate them. They make me feel stupid, and I'm not.

I mean come on.. look at this one in the bottom right!!!
"Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart." - well I don't feel human when I'm trying to figure them out.

It's like an "eye test", which is that very annoying way to place distorted letters and numbers, often overlapping, to prevent automatic entrance in a website or to stop people auto commenting on blogs.

These things annoy the piss out of me. Worst site recently... Ticketmaster.. it took me five goes to get one that I could get right... in the end I had to increase the page zoom level... ridiculous. 

I appreciate that they may be required to stop auto generated web entries, but I now read that there are programs out there that can break them routinely...grrrrr

Spammers trying to beat your Captcha are probably satisfied with a success ratio of 1/100 – because in just a few hours of repetition this can add up to hundreds of successful passes. A typical human user on the other hand probably throws in the towel after three consecutive failed attempts – at which point they'll most likely leave the website altogether.

Who can blame them? The average user doesn't understand why they should enter a random string of letters in the first place. It's not their problem and they do not care what it is for. For them it's some sort of annoying puzzle that stands in the way of doing what they want to do. Not being able to pass it, makes them feel inadequate and frustrated.

I would like to see the end to Captchas.

And for anyone who is going to tell me to use the disabled button for the audio version.. have you listened to one?  The sound is distorted and incomprehensible, so I will be leaving with my mouse to visit sites that don't make me feel inadequate....


I'm back...and with horrors!

It's been a while. I am a tardy blogger it's true. I've not been with it since I returned from Australia, what with work and moving back home from Jacvksonville, my blogging has suffered to the point of extinction.

Then today my friend in England enquired after my health, as I hadn't been blogging...and I realised...some of you actually do wait to see what I am going to write about every other day... so I'm back .. and to ease myself in I have some more Walmart horrors for you....

I couldn't resist sharing with my nearest, dearest and fellow bloggers , apologies if you know anyone here, but shame on you for not looking out for them as a friend....

Starting off gently.. relatively in-offensive......(gulp)

I am expecting this person to pop up in one of my nightmares

OK.. I was going to say a little unfair.. I mean a sweaty butt crack is not that bad in the height of summer, however on closer inspection the sweat seems to be brown tinged?

Nice hat!

Looking from the bottom of the picture up, maybe you'd comment on black heel white socks...

Men this is never a good look!

Because ladies of the night love cup cakes too?

It's nice when you can wear clothes from your childhood.....

It's nice when you can wear your sister's clothes.....

No No No No - can you not feel the cool Walmart air!?

New Power Ranger costume...

What's worse? the baby belly or the hairy arms.. you decide...

Rushing out without a bra on is never a good look..

 I am a size zero, I am a size zero...

.... I like the films too, but ....

Errrrrm... hello... who wears a cute summer dress with tennis shoes?

Does Larry King wear his suspenders like this?

Well its a safe place to store your wallet!

Cant decide what is more disturbing... the shoes, the romper suit or the black underwear?

Flesh coloured fanny pack?...noooooooooo

Dude.. seriously.. do you think you'll need those condoms?

At least she's buying big knickers to wear under those white pants in her new outfit!

I apologise...but go on..secretly.. you enjoyed them too!

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