Mar 6, 2013

Stop pimping the WEIRDOS

Look away now if you are not an American Idol watcher....

Being a tone deaf singer I actually quite enjoy listening to people who warble a tune...

But I have a complaint...

This years American Idol has been blatantly set up for a girl to win.

Forget that we might want to hear the best of the best boys sing....

No, producers saw fit not to even put them through to this voting round. Oh you thought the judges decided... silly you.

I'm over the manipulation and there are 11 weeks left!


Standing O for weirdo Curtis Finch tonight.... yes the boy can sing, there is no doubt, but sort of defeats the object if you can't watch him for all the weirdness and obscure faces he pulls... makes me shudder and I'm sure a touch of bile came up in my mouth whilst watching  peeking from behind the wall at him..

Totally affected.... 'such a nice, genuine young man' ... said no one ever about him.....

Stop pimping the weirdos judges...

We are capable of weeding the dross out

Girls for the top 5 spots.. watch this space!

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Feb 20, 2013

Things that make you go awhhhh!

Yes.. 10 months since my last post... You can call me a slacker, I deserve it.

I was just watching some animal videos and I thought.. you know what I'd like to share those...and hence I am back.

Who knows for how long... but I'm going to go for at least one post a week.. and just think I have nearly a year to catch up on!

Anyway.. tissues at the ready, here are your Awwwwh moments....

This is an elderly sea otter winning hearts and scoring points as it dunks basketballs at a zoo in Portland, Oregon. The 15-year-old otter, named Eddie, suffers from arthritis in his elbows. Eddie has been trained to shoot a small ball through a plastic basketball hoop in an attempt to improve his arthritic joints

A disabled piglet, who was born without the use of his back legs, uses a tiny wheelchair for improved mobility. The one-month-old piglet, named Chris P Bacon by his owner, had a makeshift wheelchair constructed for him by a US vet. Bacon's progression in using the device has become a YouTube sensation


A 25-year-old loggerhead turtle is on her 27th pair of prosthetic limbs after a shark attack five years ago left her seriously wounded. The reptile, named Yu, is being treated at an aquarium in Kobe, south Japan, where a series of man made flippers have been created for her. It is hoped she will one day have the mobility to swim and burrow in sand

Four Siberian Amur tigers at Longleat safari park in Wiltshire play with snowmen as their enclosure is hit by heavy snow at the weekend. The big cats appear unfazed by the cold weather and are seen frolicking in the snow. The tigers were filmed by a camera hidden by staff in a snowman

Lastly.. just because I can.. are sure cats haven't got a mean streak?

If you have a blog, please leave me the link when you comment, so I can stalk you!
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