Aug 30, 2011

I have a few of those pills please....

A tropical cyclone or hurricane is a storm system characterized by a large low-pressure center and numerous thunderstorms that produce strong winds and heavy rain. They strengthen when water evaporated from the ocean is released as the saturated air rises, resulting in condensation of water vapor contained in the moist air. 

Apparently not....

Michele Bachmann - current candidate for Republican nomination for Presidential Election 2012

I think the summer sun is getting to someone... take a chill pill Michele and have a lie down in a dark room...

"I don't know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We've had an earthquake; we've had a hurricane. He said, 'Are you going to start listening to me here?' Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we've got to rein in the spending." –Rep. Michele Bachmann, suggesting at a presidential campaign event in Florida that the 2011 East Coast earthquake and hurricane was a message from God (Aug. 2011)

"Well what I want them to know is just like, John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That's the kind of spirit that I have, too" -Rep. Michele Bachmann, getting her John Waynes mixed up during an interview after launching her presidential campaign in Waterloo, Iowa, where she grew up. The beloved movie star John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa, three hours away. The John Wayne that Waterloo was home to is John Wayne Gacy, a notorious serial killer. (June 2011)

"Before we get started, let's all say 'Happy Birthday' to Elvis Presley today." -Rep. Michele Bachmann, while campaigning for president in South Carolina on what was actually the anniversary of Elvis's death, Aug. 16, 2011 (Elvis was born on January 8)

So you've single handedly upset all the Elvis fans, compared your spirit to that of a serial killer and suggested that hurricanes are God's sign to rein in government spending...and lastly, the suggestion that it might be a good idea to close the EPA and drill for oil under the Everglades... smashing that.. lets destroy one of the largest nature reserves in the country and damage the water supply to 7 million people...

I can't decide who is worse, her or Rick Perry whose increase in jobs in the State of Texas was mainly through extra government positions..called Social Security "an illegal Ponzi scheme" and suggests that Medicare is unconstitutional hmmmmmm.. oh and according to Rick, climate change is hocus pocus....I imagine the President's aids have the adverts ready to go on these two ...

Dare I say bring on Sarah Palin...
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Aug 24, 2011

Dirty little secret... still couponing

So some of you may have read that I started to have a dirty little secret back in April this year when I became a touch addicted to couponing

Well my addiction is still going strong and I have become somewhat of a couponing guru to my family and friends. My Sister in Law has bought vitamins at Publix to last her into 2013, and she paid absolutely nothing! In fact that deal is running on Sundown Vitamins until Aug 26th if you need any!

It's got past just coupons.. whenever I want to buy anything now I look for the best deals and then shop through Shop At Home.. this gives me money back on all my purchases.

I don't know about you but I buy loads of things off the internet, so why not go to the same stores I normally do (Old Navy, Travelocity and Best Buy to name a few) and get money back on all my purchases. It's just a small percent each time, but I've booked hotels and bought a new TV among other things recently and have had 3 $20 checks for nothing but using their site as a click through!

I also used Groupon and other similar sites for cheap restaurant deals... Anne and I ate out for $2 + $5 tip on a $35 check last week !

So am I saving any money? or buying things we don't need? - I've calculated (in my super sweet excel spreadsheet) that I'm saving approximately 73% now on my grocery bills.. this week I paid $45 in Publix and saved $202.. it can be done and just needs a little work, a sharp pair of scissors and a little internet savvy.

The best bit is that I have also been able to donate some of my haul..

We have a close family friend who is surviving on the bread line after some serious medical issues who I have been able to send hundreds of dollars of toiletries, food and pet supplies for just a few dollars out of pocket.. and my kitchen currently has three huge boxes of donations for the local food bank. It's a good feeling to know that my hard work is benefiting more than just us.

If you are interested in getting started message me and I'll let you know what you need to do to get up and running!!

In the meantime, at least get a shop at home account and get some money back on those Christmas purchases you know you are going to make on the net!!! Shop at Home.

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Aug 23, 2011

Love is.....

Your new stuffed turtle, Myrtle

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Aug 16, 2011

Lets face it, this was 'Teddy's' holiday!

Anne & Issy have been here 9 days now and I've not been blogging... I've been exhausted.. Theme parks when its pushing 100F outside with 100% humidity makes for lethargy in the evenings.. This week has been the one week when I've felt my age ...

Anyway, I've finally got chance to sit down and write and looking through the eight million photos and videos of this trip I've noticed something.. or more to the point someone...

I was contacted by immigration yesterday about the illegal entry of a small pink bear. Apparently no passport had been presented and the 'Teddy' had not answered the obligatory visa questions. Whilst for most small pink bears this would not have been an issue.. they would have lain on the owners bed, tucked up at night and not been 'out and about' ..not so with this one. Immigration have satellite images of 'Teddy' in every theme park in Orlando and there have been various sightings at multiple restaurants. Consequently we have been asked to appear early at the airport today to explain 'Teddy's' entry into the USA.. I don't envy the interviewer .. Issy is going to defend Teddy to the death!

Gary eyeing up Teddy.. looks like a tasty morsel

Teddy & Issy keeping a brave face on as we waited in Best Buy for Anne

Teddy & Issy looking at the extremely loud Spanish people in the queue at Seaworld

Teddy enjoying his lunch in Sea World

Waiting for mummy

Teddy watching the dolphin show

Teddy chilling out 

Teddy's seat in the car

Teddy enjoying a spot of lunch

Teddy checking on the cooks at the Waffle House

Teddy & Issy on the bus travelling around at the Kennedy Space Station

Teddy riding high on top of Hubby

In front of the Apollo 8 replica engines

With space man Snoopy

Teddy walks on the moon!

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Aug 9, 2011

OMG they are here.....

You may remember that I had a visitor in April this year.. .

Anyway about 4 weeks ago I was enjoying my afternoon when my day was spoilt by the loud ringing of Skype.. I don't have any friends really so it's quite shocking when it happens

"Hello uggs... it's peeing down here.. whats the weather like with you?'

'Errrr.. hot, hot and more hot.. oh and soon to get hotter....'

'Sounds fantastic, can I come back 1st week of August....?'

'Errrrm, am I allowed to say no?'

'Not really as you will break Issy's heart when I tell her how you said she couldn't come'

"I guess I can make myself available then....'

'Go get me a flight then, you know you can always find the cheapest prices.. here's my card number, try not to buy any shoes with it..'

So 20 minutes later and two flights were procured and I had 4 weeks to ready myself for another invasion..

Suffice to say she is here now...along with my favorite little person, Issy....

Issy and Teddy!

Bring on tales to make your toes curl probably !

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