Aug 9, 2011

OMG they are here.....

You may remember that I had a visitor in April this year.. .

Anyway about 4 weeks ago I was enjoying my afternoon when my day was spoilt by the loud ringing of Skype.. I don't have any friends really so it's quite shocking when it happens

"Hello uggs... it's peeing down here.. whats the weather like with you?'

'Errrr.. hot, hot and more hot.. oh and soon to get hotter....'

'Sounds fantastic, can I come back 1st week of August....?'

'Errrrm, am I allowed to say no?'

'Not really as you will break Issy's heart when I tell her how you said she couldn't come'

"I guess I can make myself available then....'

'Go get me a flight then, you know you can always find the cheapest prices.. here's my card number, try not to buy any shoes with it..'

So 20 minutes later and two flights were procured and I had 4 weeks to ready myself for another invasion..

Suffice to say she is here now...along with my favorite little person, Issy....

Issy and Teddy!

Bring on tales to make your toes curl probably !

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