Apr 29, 2011

OMG She's here!

So my friend Anne has arrived for a 10 day sojourn in the Florida sunshine... If you don't know her you can become acquainted at her blog (The Day After Yesterday), if you can't be bothered let me give you a few details to introduce her to you

1. Anne is a gadget geek... she has to have the latest phone, laptop, camera etc and always the best available for the money... however Anne is absolutely rubbish at taking care of her gadgets.. she gets drunk and loses her cameras, she's on her third iPhone after dropping one at least in the toilet and one in the fire (doh). She's destroyed three laptops, one by wine, one by coffee.. one a friend shattered a screen (so she says!) ..

Today her latest $2000 laptop has been shutting itself down and overheating. She has been beyond traumatized..  we've been emailing Sony, and coincidentally 500,000 of her model type were recalled ... it wasn't looking good...

'When did you last clean it?'

Blank stare

'Are you telling me you've never cleaned it?'

Blank stare

I whipped out my bottle of

Whats that?

'Anne you use it to spray the dust out of your fans'

She sheepishly lifted her laptop up and I gave the fan vent a quick spray. When the dust settled we listened, the fan had stopped whirring and the laptop purred contentedly... amazing me..

2. Anne is in love with all things American for breakfast..

I don't need to say more

3. I have to effectively coddle her to make sure she gets to the airport in time and has all the items she needs in her hand luggage actually in her hand luggage! (This is what happened last time she came)
I check her in online and fill her online visa in for her... I even send pictures of which shoes are still here from last time so she can pack light...
If she doesn't take them back this time I'm garage sale'ng them

She made it without any trauma this time.. thanks to my planning and attention to details - I'm anal like that!!!!

Lastly something you all should know if you are one of Anne's blog followers...



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