May 1, 2011

Royal Weddings and what not

So Friday was the Royal Wedding of course and I was lucky enough to be there supporting my sister in the role as Maid of Honour

Me with the pretty bridesmaid

Me with the not so pretty bridesmaid

Kate had picked me out a gorgeous dress for me, and I thought, quite frankly, that I stole the show!

After the celebrations I hot footed it back to Florida in time for some fantastic bar-be-que at Four Rivers in Winter Garden.. damn those boys know their stuff, and I gobbled down a Texas destroyer...(!)

My friend Anne was having her first bar-be-que experience and was a little taken aback at the sight of her 'Messy Pig'. The server told her 'go big, or go home' and she took this literally ordering the biggest thing on the menu and then blaming us when she saw the size of it.

Look at the size of that pig!

Down in one Down in one!
 I think you'll agree who exactly was the messy pig here....

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