May 31, 2011

Gary's Saturday continued

Last Saturday you may remember that we went to see out nephew & his wife ... also Gary's bestie mate Oscar the pug.

For a treat we decided to take the dogs to the dog park..Gary's favorite place. he loves swimming, running and generally all things doggy related...Oscar tries to keep up, but that Pug face holds him back and soon he's snorting for air.. meantime Gary has forgotten that his best mate is there and is whoring out with the other dogs...

Gary's heaven.. water, and other dogs sprinkled with liberal numbers of tennis balls!

He looks like we could be friends... Oscar who?

Two of Gary's best things in life.. water & tennis balls


And return!

It's ok guys..I'll stand outside and throw the ball.. you just relax in the shade!

Break for a pant...

Oscar the pug... very brave!

You just relax Cole.. ok?

Tennis balls everywhere !!

New friends!

Why won't anyone play with me?

I can keep up honest!!!!!

Gary and his new friend... even with those long legs Gary could out run him!

Mummy's boy!

End of day.. Oscar has had enough, but find air-vent very soothing....

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