May 15, 2011

All good things come to Anne end....

Did you see what I did there, I amuse myself sometimes!!.

Blogging from bed today as after a little procedure I was told to bed rest... no problem I can cope with that, and hubby made me spaghetti and fetch and ran for me... good hubby !

Anyway the blog title obviously implies that her holiness (Anne) has departed now.. it went so quick.. I hardly noticed she was here apart from the extra empties in the recycling this week.. (I did wait out in the beating sun on Thursday to make sure the refuse men knew they weren't mine !)

I took her for a last Southern meal...where she correctly identified that half the restaurant looked like they were about to clock out at any second (if you catch my drift)... I said it must have been half priced Thursday...and for once I didn't have a coupon!

The Cracker Barrel... don't go around 11pm on Thursdays!

Lady Muck!

A little morgue like.... don't know who the weird one in the corner is!

One last holiday pose
Back home and we just about got her packed... but her case (well mine really.. she's had since she bought too many toys for Issy the 1st time she came) was bursting at the what does a good host with no suitcase straps do.. she breaks out the duck tape... All Anne could do is moan until I reminded her it could have been the silver type.. or worse still her case could be busted open at Gatwick with her dirty smalls on full view (yack)....

said case with black duck tape!
The sight of a case got Gary worried, he thought it was me leaving and was very sulky..
Gary in serious need of a haircut!
Cunningly I had got Anne to the airport on time for once (a slight white lie on the plane departure time !!) and we had time to spare. We had had a great time and I was a little teary, but the sadness was dulled by some excellent cocktails...(although pricey!) and a couple of last poses from Anne...

Just get on the plane already!

The cocktails!
What a fab visit and I can't wait to see her again... ( I think she's already booked her & Issy in for October)..

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