May 11, 2011

It's a Gator wasteland....

On the penultimate day of Anne's (The Day After Yesterday) holiday we went to Gatorland... you can read her blog post about it here..

Always looking for the next exciting thing we had exhausted all the other theme parks in Orlando on her previous trips and I was racking my brains for something new and improved...

Anne, how do you fancy a day out with some local wildlife and the possibility of some animal massacre?

Always up for anything Anne was waiting by the door, ready to go (for once) before you could say Gator handbag, and we were off!

I wasn't holding out much hope.. theme parks in Orlando normally run close to $80 for the day, so finding out it was only a quarter of this filled me with foreboding...

Not much of a welcome!
I was a touch worried when we got in and saw hundreds of tiny gators in tiny pools .. although it was a touch amusing to see the turtle who was obviously confused about his sexuality!
George the confused turtle

what had I done? and they must have heard that Anne was on her way..

They'd heard Anne was on her way and posted signs..

Thieving bird hanging around snack bar!

Anne seemed happy enough, it's not like you have a ton of gators in deepest, darkest Oxfordshire...and then she saw that there was a Gator jumping show on 5 mins into us getting there... we hot footed it down to the 'show' and got ourselves a prime position ready for the action.. if I tell you that country music was blaring out from the speakers and there was a lot of camo around you'll know who our fellow spectators were....

Anyway on to the show...

Actually it was pretty entertaining and the Gators were awesome!

For your education....American Alligators have the strongest laboratory measured bite of any living animal, measured at up to 9,452 newtons.. !!

Anyway after not feeding Anne to the gators we happened on the most amazing wildlife preserve.. 130 gators and hundreds of thousands of birds... the boardwalks and observation towers are very organic in wood and we spent a good hour walking around looking at the flora, fauna and of course Alligators.. (are they fauna?)

Baby birds (from the Gatorland website)

Baby birds from my phone.. camera had died at this point, or broken from taken pictures of Anne?

The boardwalks through the nature reserve were stunning...

Some of the nature was quite frankly weird...
This little bugger tried to eat my ankles!
Of course you can't go to Gatorland and not wonder at the the Gators.. they are fantastic, prehistoric animals and some of them are pretty scary too!

Albino monster....

This little man saw Anne's ankles and was straight out!

Mummy & Daddy of the little one!

Is that pasty human lunch?

Now that will be a surprise for any unsuspecting birds!

Is it me or does this one look preggers?

Can you say lunch?

Can you say dessert..... fly bird.. it's not safe there

Suffice to say we had a totally unexpected great day and I hope to introduce more people to Gatorland in the future...

If you have a blog, please leave me the link when you comment, so I can stalk you!

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