May 23, 2011

Gary's Saturday day out...part one.. the journey there

Saturday was a super fun day surprising our nephew for his birthday... it was fab when he opened the door and saw our faces.. his face was a picture... we're sneaky like that.

Anyway it was going to be a long day, and as nephew's pug Oscar is Gary's best friend, of course we had to take him with us..

The journey to Gainesville,FL where Cole and his wife Kerri live, takes about two hours... and we had to stop to buy Cole a present at Gander Mountain.

Note. If you are on a time crunch (we were) do not let husband go into Gander Mountain alone.. big mistake for which Gary and I paid for by sitting in a hot car..

These next few blogs will be picture blogs... I'm lazy like that ..but on the flip side I do have some great pictures... that and my nails are so long I can't type!!!


Regal Gary waiting for his Daddy

Is it me or does Gary sit strange?

Waiting waiting

Is it time to go Mommy.. I'm bored

I'm watching... I can't see him yet

Cole's dog Oscar, Gary''s best friend


Cole & Kerri... delicious lunch at BJ's Brewhouse

A rare photo that hubbie actually didn't censor!

Kerri trying not to look bored as Cole talked basketball

Free dessert as they messed our order up...
Tomorrow (or when I've had my nails cut) a trip to the dog park!

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