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My name is Clare. I'm English and live with my American husband in Florida.

I work online in the evenings with my clients in Australia and visit them periodically during the year. It's not glamorous, but I've met some amazing people.
Meeting my husband is somewhat of a love story. We met online in 2002 on what we both thought were local dating sites. I met my husband by chance. He was trying to get out of his membership (incidentally this is notoriously difficult, you need to navigate about 40 screens to find a way to cancel a membership on these sites!) and came across my picture of me from a holiday that year..
My husband said he’d thought my picture was cute and he laughed at the ‘profile’ I’d created… something about wanting a tall, non-Manchester United fan, who couldn’t see the attraction of Crown Green Bowling (I had to explain that bit too him). It took 3 emails for him to tell me he was in Dallas so as much as I’d laughed at his words I thought it wasn’t likely that we’d ever meet. At this point I did not have a picture of him, but loved that he was a wordsmith, and of obvious intelligence.
A week after our 1st email contact he asked if he could call me… I was beside myself with excitement. He’d never called outside the country before and had to go and buy a calling card.. I was on the way to a concert with my Mother and two friends the 1st time he called.. Such a deep, sexy voice and a lovely southern American accent with a bit of a Dallas twang at the time! I loved it straight away. I told him I’d call back when I got home.
16 hrs later, and one of the only days I’ve ever had to take off from work,we finished our 1st conversation. I can say hand on heart that my connection to him was already sealed... it was like we’d known each other for years.
We started making plans to meet, I would have gone there but he insisted he’d come to England, having to sort a passport out in super quick time to make his flight which was booked for 3 weeks after our 1st telephone call. I nearly went broke that 1st month in telephone bills, I didn’t know about Skype / or MSN then and call quality was poor…
Four weeks after first talking I was standing at London Gatwick airport waiting to collect him..I already knew that if we got on in the flesh that he would be the man I’d marry… a strange feeling, but I just knew.
He spent 9 days here.. of course we hit it off like a house on fire … the hardest part..saying goodbye and telling my parents that I was getting married when they came back from their Florida vacation … for him .. saying goodbye and telling his Mom that he was marrying a girl from 3000 miles away that she’d never met.
Oh did I forget to tell you that he proposed to me in the rose garden at Warwick castle?
That was nearly 7 ½ years ago. We had a transatlantic romance for a year and a bit, going backwards and forwards ..lots of fun times and expense!
And the in February 2004 we were married in St Thomas in the Virgin Islands in front of 23 of our closest friends and family. It was a beautiful sunny day, with the British Virgin Islands in the background..prophetic really..

We are still really happy (he is, after all my soul mate) and here’s to another 6 years and the rest!
My blogging is for my amusement, to introduce the world to my hairy son, Gary, and to show my friends and family back in the UK what I get up to everyday.
I love comments and will always visit you back x
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