Oct 10, 2010

X Factor addiction

Yet to come to the the States, I have to satisfy my X Factor addiction by using You Tube.

I cringe at the audition process, but it's like a non stop locomotive.. there is just no getting off once you start. I cry at the soppy stories and the great performances and have my favourites early on.... X Factor 'found' Leona Lewis..and too be honest she has been the only 'star' that came out of it... but there's two women this year who I love, one in the young and one in the old categories.. They have great background stories, neither have any confidence, and I have warmed to them both...

Good luck Mary & Rebecca .. I'm rooting for you x

Mary Byrne, the Tesco checkout lady.

Rebecca Ferguson, a young mum from Liverpool... no confidence but everyone loves her

Go You Tube their earlier performances in the auditions, you'll see why I like them so much...!

I'll keep you posted with their progress, but so far so good as they both made it through week 1..

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