May 17, 2011

Haircuts sir? that will be $55

If you read my previous post you will have seen that Gary was in serious need of a hair cut. When your dog is being mistaken for a small bear it's time..

So it was off to Petco.. I've tried him at other places, but he likes to go here for some reason, so Petco it is.

'Hello Mrs Jones... are we doing the regular cut on Gary, teddy bear face etc?'


'Oh, what would you like?'

'Scalp him, all his face, his ears, his face..and make sure you do his tail, you've left it the last three times and it looks like a duster'

'Will do... special whitening shampoo?'

'Are you saying my dog is dirty?.. grey is the new black you know....'

Anyway 3 hours later and I was back...and yes they scalped him.. $55 and I probably could have achieved same look with hubby's razor!.. they even took his eyelashes.. poor Gary..he looked most ugly.. although I made sure to tell him I still loved him..can't have a dog needing therapy!!!


Check out my skinny little tail


Eyelashes starting to grow back 1 week later

Sarah says I look faster now...

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1 comment:

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