Apr 10, 2011

Wish it was still Sunday...apart from the murder!

Well technically it still is, unless you are in England..when it's now Monday and has been half a day already in Australia... but you know what I mean

My Sunday was gorgeous..Hubby wasn't working so we went to a farmers market this morning. Its not the biggest market in the world and I suspect the bananas are not grown locally, however we met a nice man representing an organic meat company and we bought some pricey sausage... it was however delicious so we might splash out again...

The best find however was the English Fish & Chip van, who sell proper Cod & Chips...a bit early for that this morning..although I did see some Americans partaking !...and.. wait for it... BACON BUTTYS... with real bacon... oh the delight.. I was in heaven!!!

Anyway the rest of the day was just 'chillaxing' and Gary and I took in some rays out by the pool...

View from the sun bed

Keeping cool by the pool

My view.. 

My hairy feet!
Gary looking for lizards by the tomatoes

The dead lizard... I moved him next to yesterdays, away from Gary's jaws..
If you are a bit squeamish don't watch the video as there are scenes of killing and spilled guts...



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