Apr 4, 2011

Gary's best friend comes to play....

Just like us, dogs can have best friends .. and Gary's is Oscar the Pug.

He visited this weekend with his owners, my hubby's nephew and his wife.. You always know when Oscar is around because there's lots of snorts and snuffles and he is an invader of personnel space, typically he is trying to sit on your head if the opportunity presents...

We had a great weekend with them just hanging out...hot tubbing, sunbathing, making homemade pizzas.. it was great to see them.. enjoy the pics!

Gary waiting for Oscar.. Sitting like I don't know what!

Still waiting for Oscar

Cole protecting his drink from Oscar


I didn't want that bed anyway Oscar

I hope that's just water!

In your face!

Lick lick

Turns head at wrong moment

Oscar's Mummy

I think its love

Take a pic of me!!!!!


Brennig said...

I want a dog. But I'm not going to have one. Boo.

Clare and Gary said...

Bren.. Characters who don't talk back ;-)

Crystal said...

yay for doggie pics! That Oscar is a cutie and I've always had a thing for pugs. You don't see all that many in France, but I did just cross a black one this morning with Pinch during our walk (Pinch tried to attack him).

Can't wait for the Tim Tams to get here!!

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