Mar 31, 2011

Gary and Mr Spikey Ice Cream Man

We've got company this weekend.. in fact we have company until next Wednesday... tomorrow Hubby's nephew and wife are coming until Sunday morning, then Hubby's friend and wife and kids are coming for a Sunday cookout... then work friend from Jacksonville Monday evening and then work friend and family Tuesday... by Wednesday I will be officially cooked out..

The house has had a good clean today and last on my list was to do the dog blankets.. plural, cause he has two.. one in his day bed and one in his night bed...I know spoilt, right!?

Anyway, Gary loves clean blankets.. I think its the :Lavender drier sheets I use, and as soon as I put his day one (he's has this one since he was a puppy hence the few bite marks!) he was on his bed on his back snuggling down into it... I couldn't resist taking a couple of pics of his contentment...

Snuggle buddy

Of course me taking pics and my fame whore of a dog was up carolling his toys for me to play with him.. would it be a tennis ball, of which he has eight by the way... 4 originally and then one day I came home from tennis and forgot to put my tube of balls away, somehow the top was removed and there were 4 more balls in the lounge.. wonder who that could have been...

He has 8 tennis balls
 But tonight he was in the mood for Spikey Ice Cream Man... who squeeks alot!... he's had 3 of these toys.. they normally last about a year, they only cost $3.99 and he absolutely loves them... they are definitely his favourite. I think because it squeeks differently ever time..
Anyway I played a little with him, cause we couldn't walk today becuase of the bad weather and now he is demolishing a dental chew thing that costs far too much from the vet... I love him, he is MY boy and I woudn't swap him for anything...
Spikey Ice Cream Man!

Only a clap of thunder disturbs him

Then it back to the task of squeeking

I think its love
Does your dog have a favourite toy... or is it you?..

And to my friend Anne... I know you don't give George toys.. ever wondered why he is such a git.. its because he reads my blog when you're not looking at sees Gary treated like Royalty!


Jewell said...

lmao...good call on NG! =)

Hope you guys didn't blow away today with the apparent hissy fit that Mother Nature is spreading around the country these days!! =) xo

Magnolia said...

What a neat post! Thank you for sharing!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Cheeky moose! Mind you, you do have a point. I don't treat NG like royalty. But that's because he is a dog.

Dogs shit, eat whatever is in front of them, and lie on you whilst you are on the softa. I have a theory that treating them like royalty goes over their heads!

alejandro guzman said...

We got Maximus I Tiger tested toy hoop. Unbreakable they said. It took a day and it was in pieces! So now he has a deflated soccer ball... he's happy and so am I as it's a lot cheaper. hehe

Lovely doglette


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