Mar 12, 2011

Mummy comes to visit!

OK.. for those of you who haven't been concentrating... I'm English but I live in sunny Florida. Whilst I miss my family and friends, I was born to live in the sun and purposefully sort out a Floridian to marry (that's a joke by the way!).

Funnily enough people love coming to visit to.. including my Mother, who likes to leave my Dad for a week each year and come and do my gardening spend some time with her daughter...

She complained constantly that her face was not going brown (I did explain that normally wearing a hat will have this effect) but apart from that was a perfect guest... me doing the hard labour, her potting the plants, me making lunch, her loading the dishwasher, me grilling at night, her keeping hubby awake!..

I try and organise some nice weather for her, and this years visit last week was no exception. Over 80f most days, we spent time gardening, reading and generally relaxing...and as it was so gorgeous I decided to reward her gardening efforts with trips out and to the beach for the weekend. I've not been to Clearwater since moving to Florida and got one of my fantastic hotel deals, so booked us two hotels rooms at a stupid price, packed Gary off to doggy daycare and we sped of Saturday morning.

We spent the day catching some rays and then after a few Margaritas by the pool, went for dinner at Columbia restaurant. After a few more drinks my Mother was very 'amusing' and we had to make sure she got back safely to her room, if you get my drift!

The following day we took her to Crabby Bills in Indian Rocks beach and got her a big breakfast to make her feel a little more 'normal' and then it was off for some more sun at the locals beach.... She promptly fell asleep.. combination of hangover and food coma me thinks!

It was great to see her, and of course she is welcome back anytime she likes..preferably this time next year when the plants need cutting :-)

Enjoy the pics... tomorrow my journey fiasco getting to Australia... oh did I mention I'm in Australia at the moment?

Lunch in Winter Park.. cheers
Every feel like you are being watched
Spring gardens
View from Mom's room
View from our room
Where is my cocktail!?

Like Mother like Daughter


Winding Dad up on the phone!

Dinner at Columbia!

Cheers... again!

Our view over the pool and bay!

Soaking up the previous night at Crabby Bills

Snooze time

80f and hardly anyone on the beach!

Gary... did you have a nice weekend.. we did!


alejandro guzman said...

Lovely when mum can visit isn't it? So much that I have put off finally gets done lol

Cheers A
Raising Amelie- Why

Chrissy said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time!

Australia? You're such a world traveler. I'm going to live vicariously through you.

Clare and Gary said...

Hi Alejandro.. yes... its fab because she always likes to do little things .. nice rest for me ;-)

Hi Chrissy.. not really.. but when you are an expat you tend to have itchy feet ;-)

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Aww nice one. I love your mum and dad (even though he wasn't there). They are dudes. And your mum doesn't look anywhere NEAR her age.

Plus I was relieved to hear that I am not the only one who wakes up Jody. Shall I bring some earplugs over?!!

Mrs. Tuna said...

Nice to see mom holding her cocktails firmly, wouldn't want any to spill.

Crystal said...

cute pics! I bet it was so nice spending time with Mom! Totally jealous of the weather by the way. I should have married a guy from Florida and not the north of France :p

Anonymous said...

Hey! Nice photos.

Masher said...

You really have sold out, haven't you?
It's 33C.
Or 'Too bleedin' hot!" as we say back in the motherland.

Clare and Gary said...

@Masher... I'll take 33c or 80f anytime over cold and wet
@Nehha... Hi ..thanks.. its my new camera
@Crystal... love spending time just me and her.. didn't do it much growing up
@Mrs Tuna.. we do not spill cocktails in our house
@Chrissey not really.. its just work
@Alejandro.. is it wrong all the ironing got done? LOL

EmptyNester said...

Sounds like y'all had a wonderful time! We're just hours away in Charleston, SC and it's hot here too. Too hot for me but there's always air conditioning! LOL Have a blast in Australia!

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