Mar 5, 2011

Love on the beach.. and hubbie was there too!

I write this from my comfy chair in the business lounge of Dubai airport. Normally my flights are so well timed that all I get time for is a quick shower and I'm off on the next leg... but things went all 'Pete Tong' (thats rhyming slang to my American readers for wrong!) when Jet Blue's 1st flight of the day out of Orlando was 1 1/2 hrs delayed... I'll tell you the rest this week... but I find myself with 5 hours to kill (I've only been travelling 36hrs so far!) and need to do something to keep me away from the fresh donuts they just bought out!

SO ... here is my blog on my romantic getaway with hubbie and Gary to Cape San Blas, FL for a long weekend to celebrate out 7th wedding anniversary.. we always do something special to celebrate... Its a beautiful place, if a little painstaking to get to (6 hrs in the car - I can get here and back to Jamaica in 4!) but we had a wonderful relaxing time walking on the beach and generally chilling out.

My blogging friend, Duane, told me the other day that everytime he visits my blog he gets jealous of my life...  My parents instilled a travel bug in me when I was younger so I always make an effort to go places, with family still in the UK I get to visit there quite frequently, and now I'm on my way to Australia for work.. its not really glamourous, but it is different and I sometimes dont appreciate that other people don't have the opportunities that I do ... Enjoy the pics, I'll be back to you when I finally arrive in Aus!

Nearly can't see Gary in the early sea mist

Nearly lost him!

Wistful.. your Daddy is still in bed!

Beach to ourselves

Lonely palm!


New day.. still noone on the beach!

Germans are here!

Gary leading way back to house

Apalachacola... cute buildings

Old Florida

The Owl cafe for Sunday brunch

Ok you caught me.. cocktails for brunch!

Every feel like you are being watched!?

Jody said he was going to trade me in for this boat!

Then changed his mind to this beauty

Fine I'll take this dude in exchange!

Desolate beach at the lighthouse

Beautoful sunsets

Family shot!

Gary ..

Me & old man

Gary watching the sunset

Great weekend



Ron said...

Clare - I really nedd to get caught up here :) It look like a fabulous weekend. Great for you :)

Jewell said... trip, and look forward to more pics from Australia! Woo! =)

I adore the picture of the sunset with all the fencing and the one with the seagull! You are making my picture taking finger itch with all these pics! =)

Anonymous said...

looks amazing! I loved the photos of gary running along the beach...he must have been thrilled! And that sunset shot is great. You and your hubby look very happy and cute together!

(P.S. it's Crystal...wouldn't let me sign in under my google account again..sometimes it works and sometimes not!)

Clare and Gary said...

Hi guys... thanks for visiting..

The Cape is gorgeous if you are ever out that way... and Gary loved the beach.. even though it was difficult to see him the 1st morning in the mist!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

I love the family shot and the fact that Gary has his tongue stuck out in defiance! Looks like you have a fab weekend chick.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Looks all of you, Gary included, had a great time. I miss the ocean, sniff, sniff.

broken biro said...

Looks fabulous! Love the way there's more pics of Gary than of hubby!! haha!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm a little jealous of your life, too. :)

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