Mar 1, 2011

Last day of Christmas trip.... Lynmouth...Phew!

Did you read the post about Braunton Burrows?... the footrace that is walking holidays with my parents? Well our last day out (and even my brother and his family were there) turned into the same and low and behold, my brother has the same tendencies!... what happened.. why did the gene miss me...?

Anyway...I've got loads to do today (taking my mom to the airport (your Mom is there .. you didn't tell us!! (don't worry, more blogging fodder!)), so enjoy the pics... tomorrow its back to the sun in Florida.. England is pretty... but so dreary in winter!


Lynmouth is on the outskirts of Exmoor. Not really famous for anything except the flood in 1952.

On 15 and 16th August a storm of tropical intensity broke over south-west England, depositing 229 millimetres (9.0 in) of rain within 24 hours on an already waterlogged Exmoor.  Debris-laden flood waters cascaded down the northern escarpment of the moor, converging upon the village of Lynmouth; in particular, in the upper West Lyn valley, a dam was formed by fallen trees, etc., which in due course gave way, sending a huge wave of water and debris down that river.
Unsurprisingly the river had been culverted to gain land for business premises (nothing new there then.. how most floods of towns happen); this culvert soon choked with flood debris, and the river flowed through the town. Much of the debris was boulders and trees. Overnight, over 100 buildings were destroyed or seriously damaged along with 28 of the 31 bridges, and 38 cars were washed out to sea. In total, 34 people died, with a further 420 made homeless. you wouldn't know today except for a plaque commemorating the dead on the side of a bridge on the river...

Penny, Britt, me & Lil

My brother and his 'followers'

The footracers!

Tess in water.. take one

New friends!

Sam itching for some cheese sandwich!

Watersmeat walk...

Mom & Tess...apparently other footracers had left them behind!

Just missed him eating a fish

Tess in freezing water - take two

Waiting for the other footracers.. and now its getting dark!

I want to go home... and me Tess and me!



Jewell said...

lmao - awww...poor Tess...I think your Mom's pace wore her out! =)

Looks like it would be pretty, but bloody hell it just looked cold! =) Definitely a place to go when the sun's out! =)

I think I love the picture of your brother and his followers best! =)

Safe trip to your Mom, and can't wait for the fodder marinating in your brain! =)

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Aww, it looks like you had a great time! Your mum is still looking stunningly young for her years x

Jim said...

Clare, this is exactly why I like blogging! I have gotten to know about a place that I had never heard of. Great post!
And Annie is HOW old? lol

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