Apr 12, 2011

Vampire Obsession.. well sorta

So recently I joined Seeded Buzz..

I joined it to get my readership up and get more posts 'out there' into blogging land....

How does it work.. you either plant seeds or respond to them. You give the community a post that you'd like other people to blog about..or you blog about something someone else has suggested...

You or they link back to your original blog and so on and so forth.. it sounds more complicated than it really is.

Anyway today is my first response back to a 'seed' on vampires... and the fact that Germany has real ones!!
(word of warning this is so going to be a gratuitous photo fest for the ladies.. gents may want to retrieve sick bag now!)


My current obsession is with all things Vampiric.

Is it the fangs and the desire to drink blood?... err nope

Is it the desire to sleep during the day and play all night?... err as nice as sleeping through the day sounds I like the sun

Do I feel the need to develop a goth like complexion? .. err it's April, I live in Florida and I'm already brown as a berry...

Has the 'Twilight Effect' convinced me that I can live forever if I start sucking blood and had Edward on my arm.. ? err nope.. its just a movie right?

So no actual desire to be a vamp...

No.. I just want a vamp all to myself....

I just love it all.. Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, reading, watching, imagining! 

I was reading on Richmond.com's blog something... and she eloquently summed up what happened to me...

'In my opinion Twilight Mania turned into a nationwide Vampire Obsession when we Gen-X and Gen-Y women wrenched the books out of our younger sisters’ hands, devoured the teen drama, and then went searching for more.
At least that’s how it happened for me.
I blew through the "Twilight" books over the course of a long weekend, periodically surfacing for air when my boyfriend asked me some inane question like; do you want something to eat? Or are you ever going to get some sleep? 
Then I went through what I like to call the Twilight Hangover. That’s those first days or weeks, after you finish all of the books, when you sort of walk dreamlike through your life, wondering why you have to do ridiculous things like report to work and shop for groceries.
The Twilight Hangover is really a withdrawal of sorts. The books become an addiction and the best way to treat it, in my opinion, is to find another fix.
And that’s when I found something better than "Twilight." That’s right, I said better. I’m talking about Sookie Stackhouse.
The Sookie Stackhouse books, also called "The Southern Vampire Series," by Charlaine Harris, are exactly like "Twilight" in the sense that they’re about vampire romance, but better because no mother in her right mind would let her tween daughter pick up a copy.
The Sookie books are for us, they’re for Gen-X and Gen-Y women. They’re what I like to call, Vampire Porn.'
My current obsession is that vampire porn. "True Blood" originally aired on HBO (which we don't have), and I'm catching up on Netflix

Anna Paquin (Sookie)  must have been bitten by the Vampire bug too, cause she married her vampire in real life.!! 

My new DVDs should arrive from Netflix today, and I'll have all three episodes finished and back in the mail box for my next ones tomorrow! 

Seriously, you should watch it.. its Twilight on crack!

And my top Vamps I'd take home with me.. in no particular order....

 'Damon Salvatore'. Vampire Diaries. don't tell hubby..but I so would!

'Bill Compton' True Blood... yes please

Edward Cullen... a bit of an English fop, but he'll do!
Steffan Salvatore... them there is two good looking brothers!

Eric Northam... has that 'Kurt Cobain' look going on 

OK.. I know this is six.. but Angel was the start of my Vampire obsession.. and I still would!

Ladies.. who's your favourite Vampire..? 
Gents.. does you wife / girlfriend have a special place in her heart for Vamps too?


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