Apr 28, 2011

Puppies everywhere....

Last weekend we went to see our niece who is pregnant with twins. She has been placed on bed rest and she and her husband have moved back with my husbands sister so that she can completely relax and would be closer to her doctor.

Anyway, it was great to see her, even if she was prone for the whole visit.. keep you fingers crossed for her...

Keeping her company are all the doggies, Frodo, a 3lb ball of hair, their new pup Pip, our other niece's dog Jack Jack and the fluff ball that is Precious..we didn't take Gary as he tries to put the smack down on them all.. Frodo tried to out-stare Gary last time and Gary swatted him across the wood floor.. amusing but not exactly relaxing for our niece!
Niece and her husband with Frodo and their previous dog, Stewie
Enjoy the pics... tomorrow the start of Anne's holiday with me and laptop trauma (hers, not mine)...argggggh

Jack Jack.. trying to blend into the floor

beautiful Pip... 

This girl rules the house, Precious

Pip is a stunner.. although pees all the time when excited!

It's love

Frodo, keeping his mummies babies warm

Gary, sulking because he didn't get to go!

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