Apr 7, 2011

Welcome to my world.. flora, fauna and dead armadillos

Thought you'd like to steal a little piece of me..so I thought I'd take you for a walk yesterday with Gary.. I drew some strange looks taking pictures of weeds and dead patches of grass on our walking route and not finding too much too exciting I took some pictures of my flowers.. it seems that around me I just see the same weed all the time and some green grass and blue skies.. not that exciting... until you see a dead armadillo.. and I saw two yesterday whoohooo.. I called them Fred and Andy... Fred was very shook up..like in pieces... and Andy was all shell, his innards having been ripped away.. poor Fred and Andy.. although a big hawk was enjoying the last bits of Fred when we walked up and scared the crap out of me when it flew directly up into my path!


View at start of walk.. look at that sky

The boy

Wrong way you little bugger

This is a weed, the man in the last house thinks I'm weird


I know.. you all have trees.. but look at the green /  blue contrast.. well I thought it was beautiful

another weed...bring on the armadillos..

Hold on ... did we transport to Arizona?

Poor Fred.. there wasn't much left

Poor Andy.. someone had sucked his insides out!

Gary squirrel hunting

Mexican petunias,....Ruellia brittoniana  - highly invasive you need to keep it under control

Mexican heather...Cuphea hyssopifolia

The only flower left on my Rose after the storms

1st flower of season on my big lilly plant.. and no I dont remember name!


These are fantastic.. I think a type of Rain Lily. might not be though!

First Bougainvillea of year

Hello Mr Toad - rescued from Gary patting him to death last night

Entrance to my house at night!

1 comment:

Duane Scott said...

I hope Gary didn't catch a squirrel. He's so adorable. Can I adopt him?

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