Aug 16, 2011

Lets face it, this was 'Teddy's' holiday!

Anne & Issy have been here 9 days now and I've not been blogging... I've been exhausted.. Theme parks when its pushing 100F outside with 100% humidity makes for lethargy in the evenings.. This week has been the one week when I've felt my age ...

Anyway, I've finally got chance to sit down and write and looking through the eight million photos and videos of this trip I've noticed something.. or more to the point someone...

I was contacted by immigration yesterday about the illegal entry of a small pink bear. Apparently no passport had been presented and the 'Teddy' had not answered the obligatory visa questions. Whilst for most small pink bears this would not have been an issue.. they would have lain on the owners bed, tucked up at night and not been 'out and about' ..not so with this one. Immigration have satellite images of 'Teddy' in every theme park in Orlando and there have been various sightings at multiple restaurants. Consequently we have been asked to appear early at the airport today to explain 'Teddy's' entry into the USA.. I don't envy the interviewer .. Issy is going to defend Teddy to the death!

Gary eyeing up Teddy.. looks like a tasty morsel

Teddy & Issy keeping a brave face on as we waited in Best Buy for Anne

Teddy & Issy looking at the extremely loud Spanish people in the queue at Seaworld

Teddy enjoying his lunch in Sea World

Waiting for mummy

Teddy watching the dolphin show

Teddy chilling out 

Teddy's seat in the car

Teddy enjoying a spot of lunch

Teddy checking on the cooks at the Waffle House

Teddy & Issy on the bus travelling around at the Kennedy Space Station

Teddy riding high on top of Hubby

In front of the Apollo 8 replica engines

With space man Snoopy

Teddy walks on the moon!

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