Jul 31, 2011

New blogger stats identifies Eric Northman as hot tamale!

So just a quickie as it's Sunday evening and I've got a stack of ironing the size if the Tour Eiffel..

I was having a look at the new Blogger stats page and nearly spat my coffee out over the keyboard...

I'd gone from an average 25-50 page views by post (I know, I'm not the most read blogger in the world!) to 1339(and growing) for one post...

Apparently I'm not the only one addicted to Eric Northman, the sexy 1000 year old True Blood vampire... insert gratuitous photo


Indeed nearly 1400 of you lovely readers came to drool along with me...

How did they find little old me? well big bad Google of course!!!

So I am left with a little quandary.. do I continue to write about ancient make believe vamps or revert back to type..?

I can't cope with the 40 followers who check in now... how will I keep 1400 happy!????

I may just throw an odd vampire in occasionally for good measure!
If you have a blog, please leave me the link when you comment, so I can stalk you!

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