Jul 19, 2011

Officially obsessed - Eric Northman

You may remember that back in May I was telling you about my obsession with all things vampire... well at least the actors playing the vampires of some particular shows... well it's morphed on now to an obsession with one particular vampire, Eric, from True Blood (and the Sookie Stackhouse books)

He is officially my 'not so secret' celebrity crush, and I don't mean the actor, Alexander Skarsgard, although he seems super funny and gregarious, I mean the vampire Eric.

For those of you who have either not read the books,The Southern Vampire Mysteries, not seen True Blood (now in series 4) or have been living under a stone, Eric Northman is a vampire, slightly over one thousand years old. He has a true 'joie de vivre' and is beyond sexy. It helps that he's 6ft 4' and built like a Greek god although it's actually his character that I love the most though...

He is arrogant, confident almost to a fault, manipulative to suit his needs and not above using deceit … sounds like not someone you’d immediately fall for.. However he doesn’t lie, is loyal, totally frank and open, and you always know where you stand with him. Conversations with Eric are seldom single layered; he never says something without reason. He is not sentimental in the least but shows a great deal of concern over Sookie (damn you Sookie Stackhouse) and her happiness and well-being.

Combining the book Eric with the portrayal of Eric on screen had just made things worse for me... True Blood is the only reason we pay for HBO and I wait expectantly each week for Sunday night to roll around for my next fix.

I then sit with my saved episodes and fast forward to the Eric bits... oh yeah.. I have it bad!

Husband is quite aware of my celebrity crush..rolls his eyes... and says he's going to run off with a Werewolf (read the books.. there are Werewolf, Shapeshifters, Witches and Fairies too!)....whatever .. they howl in their sleep!

Here's the Sookie & Eric scenes from the 1st 3 episodes this series. Insert me into scenes as Sookie !!! You see Eric as he is normally and Eric after the Witches take his memory...

And so my celebrity crush is a fictional 1000 year Viking vampire... ho hum.. at least I'll never need that 'Hall Pass'

PS,.. not sure how my celebrity crush ended up being blond as all my 'human' crushes including Hubby are dark.. I've never gone for blonds!

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