Jul 27, 2011

I'm an Auntie and a good one at that!

So although one of my blogging friends did not want me to move on from Eric the Vampire Viking, needs must.. I still haven't completely accounted for my whereabouts in June...

One of the reasons I was missing in action was the arrival of my 1st niece (not by marriage) and my sister in law for a weeks holiday.

This would be my 1st time holding a baby (that I could remember! - I was reminded that I held Anne's Issy 6 years ago...I'd completely forgotten!)  and I was more than a little apprehensive, but it turned out to be an absolute doddle. My niece was 10 weeks old and was the sweetest, quietest little bundle going. I think it helps that my SIL is breast feeding and little Aisla doesn't have to wait to be fed!

What did I learn whilst she was here....

1. If I ever have a baby I'll try my hardest to breast feed.. so peaceful
2. Baby's can fly 8 hours at 10 weeks and not cry once, and will be spoilt rotten by all female cabin crew
3. Gary is super protective of small things that smell nice and didn't like to leave her alone
4. Baby's can make the stinkiest farts
5. Gary is a master at stealing baby toys without being noticed and hiding them under the bed
6. It's really hard to capture a baby smiling on camera.. even when they smile a lot!

Anyway this is a gratuitous photo blog 'cause she is so darn cute... enjoy!

1st day... who are you? I'm not sure about you!

Do you like my hat?

My guardian protector!

My Auntie!

Sorry for the excess flesh!

Do you like my swimming outfit?

My Mummy made me swim everyday!

And after swimming... a well earned nap!

Never too young for Mickey & Minnie


Hubbie lending a shoulder!

Gary playing protector

Only smile I caught on camera.. 

Oh.. and proof I'd held a baby before... me holding Issy when she was a baby!

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