Apr 3, 2012

Ladies who lunch (and take nature pictures!)

So I'm always looking for new places to take Anne...

She is so insistent that we 'do' things.. I suggested the ironing / gardening etc, I got a death stare and had to come up with something more exciting...

So I decided on a trip to Leu Gardens in Orlando.

This 50-acre botanical oasis is smack in the middle of Orlando and were donated to the City of Orlando in 1961 by Mr. Harry P. Leu and his wife, Mary Jane.

I'd been the week earlier with Hubster and thought it was the perfect place to take Anne and her camera...

For me it was another chance to break out the Sony A55 that Hubster bought me for Christmas... I love my new DLSR.. 10 frames / second, even camera novices like me can take ace pictures!

There was lots of this... Anne forgot I was around and was taking pictures of the smallest most insignificant things!!!

Very occasionally she managed to get me in one of the frames!
Enjoy these images of Leu Gardens... for $7 one of the best day's out in Orlando! (I'm also including a couple I took when I went with Hubster a couple of weeks ago!)

PS. there will be no latin names flowers... on the Clare & Anne Names!

Pineapple looking plant

Slightly rude looking lily

Nice red flower!

Rose 1

Rose 2

Dead & Alive rose

Some bird kept getting in the shot!

the Leu house... see that bird in shot yet again!

Where is Gary when you need him?

Bee 1

Nice flower in foreground.. playing with blending background setting on camera!

How purple are these.. bet you they are poisonous!!

Bee 2

Nice Rose!

Another nice rose!


Bee 3

Bee butt!

Of course the title of the post was ladies who lunch... and that's exactly what we did next .. ate too much at lunch and par-took in a couple of wines.. we're posh we are !!

Arty wine shot

Rockstar Anne


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