Sep 23, 2010

How do you fancy the Commonwealth games?

My brother is a past competitor of the Commonwealth games, winning Gold and Bronze medals at two events, (scarily he has a small Wiki page ...Simon, its my claim to fame!!). Anyway we were discussing the sad state of affairs at the upcoming commonwealth games in India.

For my American readers, The Commonwealth Games is an international, multi-sport event which is held every four years and features competitions involving thousands of elite athletes from members of the Commonwealth of Nations. The Commonwealth of Nations, normally referred to as the Commonwealth and previously known as the British Commonwealth, is an intergovernmental organisation of fifty-four independent member states. All but two of these countries were formerly part of the British Empire 

It seems, with only 2 weeks to go that many of the venues and accommodation for the athletes are not ready. In fact not only are they not ready but they look hazardous to say the least.

These pictures have come to light after last weeks bridge collapse into the stadium, injuring 23 workers

My brother says, coupled with the fact that the security looks very dodgy, he's glad he is retired... It's not looking good for India, especially after Beijing managed to pull off an amazing Olympics without any hitches other than the smog.... glad I'm not going....


1 comment:

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Hey, aren't those pictures of your house? ..... LMAO, rolling around... blimey, I could amuse myself for ages!

But seriously, they are the first pics that I have seen of the athletes village... pretty grim.

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