Jan 30, 2011

London - Day 2

OK back to our Christmas trip to England and day 2 in London...

My husband must think he is a cockerel as he got us all down for breakfast at 7am.. I though this was supposed to be a vacation...

Order of day was..
1. Next Sale at Hays Galleria (well it was the day after Boxing day.. only the biggest bloomin sales day of the year in the UK!)
2.Walk down Thames to catch tour bus
3. Jump off tour bus at London Eye
4. Spend 1 hr 'doing the Eye'
5. Coffee & muffin (probably Starbucks as Brittany is addicted)
6. Back on Bus to Buckingham Palace
7. Walk from Palace to Westminster Abbey and Houses of Parliament
8. Back on bus to Tower of London
9. Late lunch (turned out to be Wagamama)
10. Last stop Crown Jewels at the Tower..

Somehow I was going to have to drive home after this lot too!

Well we made Next sale by 7.45am (after me having to return to hotel to get my glasses that I'd left by the bed (D'OH)..(I bought a new hat.. we'll see it in later posts!) and then I nearly fainted when Starbucks wasn't open until 8.30am.. so no coffee fix for us until later.. would we survive?

Walking down to London Bridge to catch the bus... some jobs worth driver wouldn't let us on.. he was reading the paper... we didn't know what to do and started walking back across the bridge.. only for a big red bus to stop next to us and ask if we wanted to get on... errrrrm though you were out of service?... 'that was then, this is now'.. like I said, jobsworth!

You know who you are....

Anyway as it was well below freezing we decided to sit outside (brrrrrr) and I mean BRRRRRRRR... thought I was going to lose something to frostbite

Take the picture already.. I wan't to go inside!
 It's amazing what you see when you are bus height though.. you get a different view of the city...

Tower Bridge from the bus

$100 million on City Hall...The building has an unusual, bulbous shape, intended to reduce its surface area and thus improve energy efficiency. It has been compared variously to Darth Vader's helmet, a misshapen egg, a woodlouse and a motorcycle helmet. Former mayor Ken Livingstone referred to it as a "glass testicle",

First view of the Tower of London

Can't remember what this one is.. but it's pretty!

Houses of Parliment & Big Ben....
I don't want to overload you .. so we'll hit the London Eye tomorrow.. figuratively of course...it's too big to hit of course!



Annie (Lady M) x said...

Blimey, if I had been awoken at 7am in my holiday, I would have karate-chopped 'em on the head. Love the pics.... awwwww... sometimes I miss living there. I loved that the building was called the glass testicle! I have never heard of that before!

Clare and Gary said...

Bet you don't miss the traffic mate..

Brennig said...

Nice pics, mate. That pretty little house with the tower rising from the roof was specially built by (mad) King George IV for his pet hamsters to live in.

Clare and Gary said...

Ahhhhh no way Brenn.. wish a mad king would build me something so pretty!

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