Jan 12, 2011

I'm sick... but home from my travels...

Happy New Year everyone...although being sick its not so happy here. You know you sound bad when cold callers call you sir... Grrrrr.. so I'm typing from my sick bed... Don't worry about me, I'm like a man with a sniffle, all complaining about not much..something similar to this

So where have you been I hear you ask ? (actually I can't hear you 'cause I have man-woman  flu, but you know what I mean!)

My husband and I took his niece back to England for 12 days over Christmas.. giving me tons of blogging ammo...so don't check in with me for a few days if you don't want to see some gorgeous images of the UK !

I'll ease you in gently with some pictures from home (Worcestershire) which was snow bound when we arrived on the 23rd December... it was freezing (Christmas day was -9C (16f)) which for someone who lives in Florida is "cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey". We had to seriously wrap up but the resulting pictures were sort of worth it!

Mom & Dad's Garden

Back of the house

Front of the house

Comedy hat (me &Brittany, hubby's niece)

Mom & Dad live on a working farm and we can walk the fields

Tess the dog with stick!

ps.. just in case you think it was back to the warm sunshine for me look at the weather tonight!!! Warmer at Mom's than here....Brrrrrr




The Willcutts said...

I was surprised at how almost proud I was to see someone else in my dress.
YAY for you for selling yours to someone who needed it!

Crystal said...

Hey welcome back! Beautiful pics...I have trouble believing it's colder in Florida now than in the UK...that's crazy! But it looks like you have a lot of sun which makes cold days easier to get through.

Feel better soon!

Clare and Gary said...

Lots of sun Crystal... but Brrrrrrrrrrr...

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