Nov 11, 2009

Chilling out in Clermont

With Disney on the cards for the following day, I insisted on a laid back day in Clermont to get myself motivated for a day of the Rat.
Living only 20 mins from Magic Kingdom means I get lots of visitors from the UK, and, therefore, I've been multiple times to soak up that 'Disney Magic'..what I do know is that it is exhausting, especially as we dont avail ourselves of the mobility chairs provided for people who like to see the parks on wheels.

Anyway, back to our relaxing day in Clermont....

First stop a spot of lunch then off to the park with Izzy and with all 4 year olds, simple swings and slides hold a bewildering facination. I suppose as you get older you forget how exciting the park can be when you are that small, but what was equally amazing was that my 39 year old friend seemed as absorbed!

'come on, I see swings!'

After a marathon swing pushing session (still not sure how come I was the pusher!) Anne and Izzy went over to the slides. It was funny to watch Anne nearly de-capitating herself as she wen't down the childrens slide.

Ok I was officially bored, hot and covered in playground sand...let go back and swim in the pool...oh not you Anne, you've got a bad hand...Izzy, let's go back and swim in the pool. Although the slides were exciting, I think the best bit of Izzy's holiday was swimming in the pool everyday.
I'll drive past the lakes on the way back so you can see how gorgeous it is's tough for all the people who live lakeside with their boats and jet skis, my heart bleeds for them....

Home, and Izzy was changed in about 2 seconds flat...Anne came out to read outside and I told Izzy I'd come in when the hot tub was warmed up (sneekily I'd put the jets on, but not the heater...thought I'd gain myself some time to read in the sun..mean aren't I?)

Me reading my book whilst Izzy waits for the hot tub to heat up (cough)

Anne chilling out in the sun

All that remained was to crack open a bottle of wine and watch the sun go down..everyone early to bed, tomorrow we slog around Magic Kingdom, hurrah!

Sunset behind my house


Annie (Lady M) x said...

You've got a leg growing out your shoulder in one of those pics

Clare and Gary said...

That's me babysitting your daughter, and suntanning one leg!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

why would you only want to suntan one leg? You would look like an illusion when you walked.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

You are going to look like an optical illusion if you walk around with only one leg suntanned.

Cosmic Navel Lint said...

Hey Clare & Gary,

now I know what abject penury looks like! :D The place looks fab guys!

Thanks for the follow - happy to return it!


Bren. (in a UK winter!)

Clare and Gary said...

Bren, I'm coming back to Blighty next week and I've got no warm clothes...Gulp

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