Feb 15, 2010

Colder than Olympics

With the Winter Olympics taking place in Vancouver at the moment you'd expect mounds of snow and freezing temps.. well here in Florida it's been colder at night than at the Olympics! They've even had to airlift snow onto the mountains!

(Ask Washington, they can lend you some !) Mild temperatures are expected to continue for the rest of the week... just to illustrate the fact look at the comparison temps for here, Florida and Vancouver...

Brrrrrr... I think I'll make a trip up there... Apparent 'El-Nino' is to blame... there's me I thought he was a South American footballer playing in Italy!
It wouldn't be the 1st time I'd been to the Olympics. You see my brother was an Olympic athlete.. ok.. you think I'm making this up don't you! Well I'm not.. I went to Atlanta in 1996 to watch him (he was a badminton player for Great Britain) where he lost in the quarter finals ... and then a whole posse of us went to Sydney to watch him (and all the other sports) in 2000.

Me dressed up in my Great Britain hat and flag after coming out of the Olympic stadium late one evening

They will forever be the best Olympic games. Sunny and warm, great venues and wonderful friendly people...oh and I forget to mention my brother won a bronze medal...
My brother, Simon, and his partner Jo

I'll always be proud of how he played that day, bought tears to all our eyes, he and Jo, his mixed doubles partner, won the 1st ever medal for a British team in badminton, a sport dominated by the Asian nations.

So you'll understand now why I'm a bit of an Olympic nut. I love all sports and having them all in one place in a three week period is like heaven for me. Hubbie and I are already planning our London 2012 trip... I can't wait!


Crystal said...

oh wow about your brother! That's really awesome and great that you've had so many "excuses" to travel all over the world watching him lol. There's something so magical about the Olympics and my only wish is that I had been able to go see them this year on my home soil!

And I havent yet watched the Opening Ceremonies, but I've heard that KD Lang's performance was stellar from a few other people, so I cant wait to check it out.

Clare and Gary said...

I don't know if you can see the link as its from NBC's website, but its the blue above her photo... it bought a tear to my eye.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

I remember when your brother was in the Olympics (two of em) ..... didn't he get given a Porsche 911 as a thankyou?!! Jammy get!

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