Mar 9, 2010

Adelaide, a flying visit!

At 6am this morning I woke up and did an exercise DVD.. yes I’ve officially gone mad since arriving ‘down-under’.

8am and my nice new clients picked me up from my hotel and so commenced an excellent days work.. day 2 tomorrow and fingers crossed it all goes as well.

Have I had time to see much of Adelaide…not really, but it is a very beautiful city with green spaces everywhere. These are the views from my hotel room.

What you also should know is that The Grand Chiefly Hotel on South Terrace has the best Caesar Salad and gatro pub fries that I’ve ever eaten… OMG look at this!

My glass of Australian red is helping me concentrate whilst I work (cough) and then I need to pack and move on.. Melbourne tomorrow night.. I’m all go me..

Yours fed up of plane journeys

Clare xx


Annie (Lady M) x said...

Bloody hell. Your schedule sounds a bit punishing. I like the picture of the chips though..... yummy!

Deidre said...

I'm an expat living in Melbourne, I totally love the city. Can't wait to see how you feel about it!

Brahm said...

Love the pics, granted especially the food ones... the trip sounds exhausting and terrific, hope you are loving every minute of it!

Jonathan Brock's Editorials said...

Happy Travels, are you enjoying vacation or are you working. Is Gary with you?

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