Mar 28, 2010

Catch up... part one!

Catch up!!

Where am I, who am I? I don’t know…my head is in a spin. I’ve been working so hard and my weekends have been filled with fun times, which makes being away from hubby and Gary a little more bearable.

I am a bad blogger because I’ve not posted since I was in Adelaide (snooze ville)…

So what have I been up to…

Well Adelaide work days over and I was on a late night flight to Melbourne..and it was nice to be met by my old boss from England, Andy, at the airport. We had 2 work days and then Andy had a fantastic surprise for me on the Saturday. He had told me to pack a nice dress and we were off to the Races.

The weather was stunning and neither of us was driving (the train service in Australia is great) and we arrived at Flemmington (where they hold the Melbourne Cup) around lunchtime…

...and then my next surprise.. we were booked in the Terrace restaurant (super POSH – incidentally do you know where the word posh came from? When the well-off English were travelling to Australia back in the day they would ask for the preferred cabins on the left, or port, side of the ship. The cabins on the right, or starboard, side were considered best for the trip back. It was to keep the sun off their side of the boat - I learnt that at the winery today :-) )

Ok back to Flemmington and our posh table over looking Melbourne CBD..
Check out the view!

We had a beautiful table for 2, with the above view, fantastic food, a mini flat screen to help with betting

and low and behold Andy ( who was only making small bets) had 6 winners and 7 places...

Andy's winnings already building up... you could count my winnings in dollars on one hand !
What a great day!... but it wasn't over yet... we were off to the NAB cup final which is the pre-season Australian Rules Football mini cup .... meeting Kelli (who works for us in Australia) and her husband Nathan.. We'd got our tickets so it was time to get a beer and a huge hot dog (thanks for the flattering pic Andy!)
That was one big dog!

Soon Kelli and Nathan arrived and we had a laugh barracking the opposition ( we were honorary Bulldogs fans for the night!)

Kelli and I

Andy, Kelli & I
the game..under the floods

A long day over, we nodded back to our station, walked back up the hill to our hotel and flopped into bed...exhausted, but what a great day, thanks Andy!


Brahm said...

Wow, looks like fun!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Oh, so you are back then? you disappear without a by-your-leave and then expect everyone to be interested in your horse racing antics? ......

actually, I must admit, they were quite interesting.....sorry you didn't win loads of wonga.

You should have tried using my tip - 'choose a horse with big hoofs'. I reckon they have more traction, and are therefore more able to win.

Clare and Gary said...

Still here Anne, just was having blog withdrawal!

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