Mar 3, 2010

An 'incident' and a trip to the vets...

Last Friday it was finally warm.. it's been freezing and when I stepped out into the bright sunshine and felt some heat I had to take a moment and let the sun warm me...but no time to dawdle, Gary has to go to the vet, and whilst there are probably perfectly good vets in Jacksonville, Gary's vet is in Clermont, 3 hours away.. so I packed an overnight bag as I was going to get to stay in my house which I miss soooooo much and Gary and piled into the car and sped off down the road.

When we go home we have a ritual... stop at Starbucks (2 mins from apartment), Clare gets a Caramel Machiato and Gary has his second pooh of the day (its an excitement thing)...we then stop at Chik-fil-a for a biscuit & hashbrowns (Gary's favourite) and then onwards down I95
Crispy naughty..but so nice!
We normally make the 1st services when my boy is whining to relieve himself again... so, we have now traveled at least 7 miles !
Friday I didn't mind stopping again.. the weather was gorgeous, and we had plenty of time. Gary ambled off looking for that special spot and I was emailing some people on my Blackberry. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a big truck had pulled up next to us, but went back to my mobile office.
Startling me the truck beeped its I looked up I felt something warm and wet on my flip flop covered foot...the truck driver had blown his horn to try and stop Gary peeing on me... and now was beside himself laughing ... did you know dog pee is warm?
Fortunately I was equipped with numerous extra napkins from breakfast and wiped my foot down... I'm sure Gary was laughing at me. I ushered him back in the car and we continued, uneventfully, home.

I thought, I'll show you...we're going to the vets!... does not work with him though as he loves all the smells he can't wait to get thorugh the door... he seems to forget that he gets violated once a year with a thermometer and has injections!
He sniffs the place up and down...
 Eyes the examination table dubiously (now its's coming back to him about the thermometer)

 Sits mornfully next to me on the human bench, awaiting his fate...
and finally is happy again after getting the all clear!
 What a good boy... and he'll have forgotten by tomorrow his traumatic 10 mins being manhandled!


Shannon said...

Hilarious! I love Gary, he is SOOOOOO adorable..thanks for sharing him with me! Dogs are so good at living in the moment aren't they! Love this story!

Mama Sammi said...

Thanks for the visit the other day!! Glad Gary got the thumbs up bill of health! Have a great day!!!

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