Dec 7, 2010

Blimey, you look good....

Its been a few weeks since I spoke on Skype with my mate in England. We video conference, well she does, I normally am on my server PC which doesn't have video capabilities....but does have a nice big screen! (this of course means that if you Skype me I can be sat there with nothing on if I like and you'll never know!)

She has had a stressful time over the last couple of years and I've been worried that she has not been taking care of herself, so imagine my surprise when the video came on and she looked at least 5 years younger and glowing with vitality....

'Wow you look good' (not implying that you never know what I mean.. NOT a backhanded compliment)
'Ahh thanks..'
'Are you in love?'- (normally people get that glowing look when they are lurved up)
'Errr, no, haven't touched a man for months, dirty things'
'Did you go on a Caribbean holiday without inviting me?'
'Why would I pay to go to Caribbean when I can stay for free at yours in Florida?' (good point, amazing how many people have started taking their holidays in central Florida!)
' OK last guess... you have some magic software that airbrushes the lines away when you are on Skype?'
'Muppet' (no need for that, I was just guessing!)

'I've had Botox'
"Well you look bloody marvelous'
'Thanks...its amazing isn't it... I've been wanting to do it for ages, and we all can't have youthful skin like you (thanks Mom)'
'Well, yes quite frankly it is!'

She looks great, the only thing that worries me is that she will become addicted to it.... hopefully she wont go down this path..

Or this one......

Mother & Daughter Addicted to Botox

This Mother bought her Daughter Botox injections for her 18th birthday.... crazy...

Just for the uninitiated... Botulinum toxin is a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, and is extremely neurotoxic. It's described as the sausage poison as the bacterium that produces the toxin often caused poisoning by growing in improperly handled or prepared meat products.

Now I'm off to see about some Restylane.....


1 comment:

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Sounds bloody good.... I might have some too!! *wink*

Botox on an 18 year old girl? Bejesus, that is completely sick!

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