Dec 8, 2010

More Walmart delights.....

If you are regular reader you will know of my love for the Walmart horrors caught on camera.... here is the latest batch .. enjoy, and don't look if you've just eaten!

You have no idea how exhausting it can be putting on tight purple sweat pants!!

Don't laugh!  Its okay, because Bambi's granddaughter borrowed her skirt.  Plus, today is combination Casual Friday and Crazy Hair Day, all rolled in to one.

Where exactly does one buy a short pink outfit like this to beef shop in?

So, this is either a cross-dressing nautical Popeye enthusiast OR ...well, fill in anything.

Who lets these peopleout of the house un-chaperoned?

Those purple shorts are HOT!!!  I saw those same shorts one time on an elephant in a circus in Belarus .  The slippers make the outfit

Britney Spears let herself go again

Dear Mrs. Razzlebone-Karbofski, it was cute to dress your boys Festus and Cletus alike when they were two years old, but at 45?

Scarily her companion never even told her what she looked like in this outfit!

And men claim they can't meet classy women in stores? Go figure!

Is that a THONG Ollie Hopnoddle is wearing?? I can't look again or I'll go blind.

For my own sanity, I have to assume that Gussie Klothgrunt is shoplifting two pork roasts in her shirt.  Simply because there is no possible way that can be anything other than two pork roasts in her shirt.  Can't be

It's like a big pink garbage bag filled with creamed corn and door knobs

I love talking with Freidagurtz Finkelstein, because she always seems so surprised and interested in what I have to say.

Holy Golden Illusions of Grandeur, I gotta get me that outfit!!!!

Either that lady has a tail or Barney is stuck where the sun doesn't shine.

I have infinite admiration for the sheer strength of good quality denim.  Moreover, I will be eternally thankful if Honeysuckle's jeans wait until she reaches the truck to explode.  Seriously, they should consider using denim on the next NASA space shuttle

For those times when you need fried okra and chicken strips so bad, that you just can't wait for the bleach to set.

Is it even legal to sell that shade of pink? I love the way Ms. Incense Berkowitz color coordinated her reusable shopping bag to match her shoes, purse, leggings, shirt, jacket, earrings and necklace. If a bra had been necessary, do you think for one second it would have been any color other than SHRIEKING PINK??


1 comment:

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Oh my god. What were they thinking? Surely they can't have looked in the mirror and thought 'yey, I loook goooood'?

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