Dec 21, 2009

Feels like Christmas at our house.....

Although I'm on my own at the moment I had all the Christmas lights on last night and felt very Christmasy....Husband won't be back at the house until Wednesday (I've left him to cope on his own in Jacksonville), so I'm here decorating, present wrapping, cleaning and getting things ready for my parents arriving on Wednesday evening... I don't go overboard in the house preferring some simple decor, candles and lights....would you like to see?

Outside I stick to white lights. Our house is tame to some of our neighbours who have completely overboard! I wonder how expensive their electric bill is during December!?

You can see we have a snowman too!
I made my own wreath last year and I have re-used this year (I'm not making another one my hands still bear the scars!!)

Inside we have this body really knows why we have a column but Christmas is the only time I reall appreciate it! LOL

I decorate the bookcase with candles and all the fake (yes they are fake!) orchids with 'Christmasy' bits! I know this looks more like a temple to 'Gary' but what's wrong with that? LOL

The television unit gets it's own gold lit tree thing and a snowman I like to call 'Anne' really you call it a snow woman I suppose ..why do you call it Anne I hear you call...well they have the same pale palor ..(love you really Anne!). You can see I was watching the game last night whilst taking piccies...actually I was having a break from hulling strawberries, but more of that later in the week....

And then there is my beautiful Douglas Fir tree. This year the tree is in gold and red and the presents in a silver blue colour it a bit anal to colour scheme your tree and presents?

View from door when you walk into our living room...and you can see the start of the present pile...I thought we were supposed to be cutting down this year?

The big long one is for Hubbie, but I can't tell you what it is in case he reads the blog!
Now you are probably wondering if Gary has any presents? Well don't worry, Gary has his own stocking and its rammed full of toys, chews and other goodies

Ok so now you've seen the decorations I know have to go and continue cleaning and readying the house for Mom & Dad
I'm making jams, chutneys and sweeties for everyone too....I thought this was supposed to be a holiday?
Need someone to mow the lawn, can pay you in cocktails in hot tub?


Annie (Lady M) x said...

Wow! It looks superb - really Christmassy (sitting over here in the UK whilst it's snowing, I can't imagine that over there it is probably 30 degrees c).

Oh one other thing for your readers. Please could I point out the red wall in your dining room. You made me paint that whilst I was over there on holiday. You are such a bad hostess.......!

Brahm said...

Looks really good, esp love the outside, the white lights are terrific!

Clare and Gary said...

Some of the other houses around here look like Disney...blow up characters, the whole house covered in year..fake snow!

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