Dec 29, 2009

My bum resembles an Italian pizza chef....

So I've skipped Christmas in terms of blogging and moved right on to my vacation. It wasn't that I hibernated on Christmas day but I forgot my camera and was too stressed out from being up at 5am to deliver pressies anyway...I'll just add that this year I escaped making Christmas dinner and went to Emeril Lagasse's Tchoup Chop in Orlando instead... I loved turkey to be seen!
Where are you now Clare? well my family (hubbie, Gary & I and my parents) are in Longboat Key near Sarasota in Florida.  It's very sunny, but as with most of the country, not very warm...only 62 today...brrrrr. However we are not here for sun bathing, we are here for exercise! (cough) We are staying at Cedars Tennis Resort, subjecting ourselves to two hours of tennis a day, cycling and walks with the dog. The upside is my jeans are already too loose and I have a saggy ass look going on...the downside is I get compared to dodgy statues of Italian chefs...confused..? I'll explain.

Last night we decided to ditch the car and take a walk out for dinner. About 1/2 mile down the road Mom and dad had seen a cute Italian bistro and decided that we should go for pizza. We wrapped up walm and set out, confident that on a Monday evening it would be quiet, ...wrong! We would have to wait...and as it was about 100F inside I decided to sit outside and twiddle my thumbs. Whilst waiting my husband quipped that my saggy jeans made my bum look like the dodgy Italian waiter statue at the front of the bistro. I hadn't even noticed the stange Italian effigy, but went to investigate...

This jolly chap was stood at the front of Ciao Italia.. I'm not sure how exactly I managed to miss him when I came in... you can just make out my naughty husband in the what does Pepe's bottom look like?

You can see why hubbie got a swift backhander before we went in to eat ;-)

Well even though they had a dodgy taste in ornanment the food was great. Our family style calamari was served with some fantastic fresh home made marinara sauce...and the pizza'a were delicious. Add in a large carafe of Cab Sauv and we were all happy and sated when we left the restaurant. It's small and homely inside, I think probably a family operation, and we'd recommend if you are down in the Long Boat Key area. My parents loved it! Tomorrow more tennis and dog walking, I'll need new jeans by end of the holiday! 

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