Dec 13, 2009

My take on Tiger.....

Those of you who know me know that I've always been a huge fan of Tiger Woods...more for his golfing ability than anything else, but I always thought that he was someone that kids could look up to as an example that hard work combined with exceptional skill really does pay off... however (and you know what is coming right?) these last two weeks have 'sort' of tarnished my opinions.

Do I still look up to him as a golfer?...of course, will he probably go down in history as the man who changed the face of golf?.. definitely, does he possess one ounce of common sense? ...nope!

It hasn't really surprised me that Tiger has been having affairs. As much as he is away from his family and as much as women were prepared to throw themselves at and under him he was probably going to break as some point, however I have been totally shocked at his lack of tact, secrecy and taste!

My first observation would be that someone claiming to be a New York City party girl (or any of the 'high class' night club waitresses) that were flown in to meet Tiger Woods on tour for sexual encounters is in reality a paid 'staffer', and in which case should have been made to sign a contract stopping them from approaching the press...

This is Cori of the aforementioned 'staffers'

Secondly, Perkins restaurants are for pancakes and muffins, not hook-ups. This girl (Mindy Lawton) was smart though..she quick hopped it over to the British tabloids where she would be guaranteed some big bucks and gave an interview to the Mirror.. Tiger..she sounds like such a winner, what were thinking here exactly?
1. Mindy Lawton, 34, is a $5-an-hour waitress.
2. She claims to have had a one-year affair with Woods while his wife Elin was pregnant with their first child.
3. It is claimed their “relationship” was covered up two years ago as part of a deal between Tiger and the US magazine Men's Fitness.
4. Unlike the other women linked to Woods who were based in Las Vegas and New York, Mindy is from Orlando, Florida near Tiger's family home.

Tiger surely you can do better.....
5. She claimed she had sex with Woods at his mansion while the golfer's wife was pregnant.
6. Mindy also said they had had sex in numerous places – including a car park, a garage and in the shower.
7. The brunette waitress has said that Woods allegedly enjoys rough sex. She said: “Sometimes I looked like a rag doll after we'd made love. He wanted to spank me and loved pulling my hair as we had sex."
8. Mindy has called Tiger a “selfish, heartless man” who didn’t buy her anything – even a meal.
9. She claims Woods stopped calling after his wife gave birth to their first child, who is now two.
10. Mindy claims Tiger is "very well endowed" and “knows his way around the bedroom”.

Sounds like such a winner huh?

Next false move was dating a 'reality' TV star... Tiger that was never going to remain secret...these people are media whores.. and she has shown as much by keeping your text messages etc because one day she knew they would be worth something...this is 'having an affair' 101. Jaimee Grubbs, a reality show wannabe, came out as a Tiger Woods mistress after apparent jealous of the attention Rachel Uchitel was getting from the press...Doh!...
According to Grubbs, the two met in Las Vegas in 2007, and Woods, 33, flew to see her in San Diego every few months thereafter. She says she still has text messages and voicemails to prove the relationship – including one in which he asks her to take her name off her cell-phone ID because Nordegren (his wife) was starting to become suspicious.
Jaimee, who hails from Los Angeles, recently appeared on VH1’s “Tool Academy” with her then-boyfriend Shawn. She left after a couple of eps when it was revealed that her man had been seeing his ex-girlfriend behind her back during their relationship. If her allegations are true then this would mean that she was secretly gettin’ with Tiger while also being played on TV... heeeheee..these people!

Lastly, a porn star?...Tiger can I say ewwwwwwwwwwwww? were you keeping it covered (highly unlikely) how many men were you following exactly?...oh and then went home to Elin and got her pregnant...nice.

Holly Sampson - reputedly Tiger's porn star mistress

I don't condone extra marital affairs, I took my vows with the intent on keeping them, but if he had to do it why not keep it secret and safe. With his money and power there was no need for this to have become the maelstrom that it has. Now his wife and children have been dragged into the sordid affair and the marriage will probably never recover. Quite frankly if I was Elin I'd have no problem divorcing him and taking the cash, he's completely embarrased her and her family. Silly Tiger, you had it all but it was not you may lose everything.


Brahm said...

Agree on all counts. Thogh not a big golf fan (unless there is a very big shoe and a very small windmill on the course), I always admired Tiger. His infidelity is one thing, the attitude and frequency of all of it seems beyond reason. He deserves everything he is getting.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Crikey, it seems like the guy has been boffing everything that moves. Purleease don't tell me that his wife is gonna 'give it another go'?!

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