Apr 8, 2010

Finally I make Perth!!

After 2 weeks touring around Australia (seemed much longer - it's not glamorous living out of a suitcase you know) I hit Perth airport at 11.30 at night. It was a balmy evening and I was happy to finally be somewhere I knew and could unpack. It was late so my hire car company had just left an envelope for me instructing where to find my car. SO far on the trip I had been super lucky, being upgraded in most cities, so imagine my horror when I trundled out into the car park searching for my reg plate to find this....

It was dark at the time and the true horror of the colour did not hit home until the morning when I was nearly blinded by its 'blueness'!. I have suffered much abuse about my Marg Micra, however I could fit in the smallest parking spaces, and it was nippy to boot! so I don't care if they give me it again in 6 weeks when I'm back. (all my clients loved it too, however I think they were just being polite!)

So Perth... miles from bloody anywhere, this 1.8 million people city (and burbs) is beautiful, if remote. There are no direct flights from the US to Perth, so I always have to fly miles extra to get there...(although this has worked to my advantage as I'm just about to hit gold status with Emirates which means I no longer have to hang out with you lot in the airport!)
What can I tell you about Perth....
  • It's stunning... one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. Dissected by the Swan river (estuary), by the sea and hills either side. Palm trees everywhere and sun nearly everyday. Ranked 5th in best world cities to live in
  • It's hot, I mean cook your eggs on your bonnet hot...with hardly any rain (suits me fine :-) )
  • There are Brits (from the UK) everywhere...approx 10% of population where born in Britain.. I think they get blinded by the sun and forget how to get home.
  • Perth is booming because of its close proximity to the mining and gas fields.
  • EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE so don't go unless you have saved some wonga.
  • Everything closes early - this will be a huge shock to Americans
So the first week my boss and I had the most amazing deal of $118/night to stay in the normally $350 / night Crowne Plaza on the river. He had this view... I was looking at a building site, but as I was working all day I let him have it...not bad heh?
Our 1st weekend was looming and its always a chore to find something new to do ...but Andy had a good idea.. a boat trip to Fremantle..
Camera at the ready we set off on Saturday morning on foot to Barrack street jetty. If you are ever lost and you need a ferry as someone to direct you to the bell tower - its where the ferries are.

Interesting fact no. 1 - The Swan Bell Tower is one of the largest purpose built musical instruments in the world. The tip of it's towering glass spire rises a lofty 82.5 metres above the Swan River. In 1588 they tolled after England's victory over the Spanish Armada. They welcomed Captain James Cook home after his great voyage of discovery in 1771 and they have celebrated the coronation of every British monarch since 1727.

Any way I digress. Safely ensconced on our ferry we sped towards Freemantle, taking in the river sights at breakneck speed ( we'd accidentally taken the high speed, no frills peak service between Perth and Fremantle - the fastest trip on the river between the two cities. If time is of the essence, this is the perfect solution - we however had all day and I was in danger of falling out of window trying to take pictures!!)

Ok.. not on boat yet, but I wont be getting on of those whilst I'm away ;-)

The CBD from the water

The old brewery...and some really expensive restaurants and apartments

one of the marinas on the way

The smallest boat club in WA

Me scoffing fish and chips at the famous Cicerellos in Freemantle

Eating companions

Time for shopping... cant decide if these are a touch long?

Andy... in a Bolton top what else..

Our day out was great., but necessitated me buying some Crocs as I created the worst blisters known to man on both feet with some stupid girly sandals...

If you visit, make sure you take a boat to Freemantle, it had great history, restaurants, shopping and bars!

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Duane Scott said...

Looks like you had TOO Much fun! I'm gonna come along next time!

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