Apr 6, 2010

Flying visit Brisbane....

After departing from what felt like the smallest (of course there are smaller, but once you live in the States everything gets blown out of proportion) and most terrorist friendly airport ( anyone can walk through the whole airport it seemed..and look at the departure gate!

The smallest waiting area and most unsecure, terrorist friendly airport every... Newcastle, NSW

my next stop on my whirlwind working tour of Australia was Brisbane. I can't say anything nice or otherwise about it apart from it looks very pretty on the drive from the airport to the hotel. I could see the GABBA from my window (not some strange Aussie bird, but the local cricket ground where they play test matches) and I went under a cool bridge on the drive to the hotel.. apart from that no pics, all work and no play...we'll move on swiftly to Perth and some sunny weather!

cool bridge, yes I have developed the ability to snap whilst driving

The Gabba, I know, not very exciting!!

1 comment:

Annie (Lady M) x said...

That is the coolest bridge I have seen in ages! Imagine designing that mother.....!

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