Apr 22, 2010

Last weekend in Perth... lets have a trip around the vineyards...

So my last weekend in Perth. My boss had already deserted me, so it was up to me to find something to do. I'd exhausted the 'comedy photo' opportunities in Perth high street (on my endless search for a decent a nail salon). 

Luckily for me one of my clients stepped up to the plate with an idea. On the Saturday he called me.. ' can you get to the Bell Tower for 9am tomorrow morning?'.. OK bang went my lie in (and seeing as I was out on a girls night out Saturday! eek) 'yeah, no problem, what are we doing..?' 'you'll see' and with that he hung up!
9am rolled around and I was there, waiting the sun for my client to arrive... He ambled up and told me we would be going on a 'Long Lunch Tour- degustation' around the vineyards in the Swan Valley. Sounded good to me.
Brad (our excellent host for the day) pulled up in the mini bus and we were whisked to Hougtons vineyard (only about 30 mins away) - OK so wine tasting at 10am may seem a bit decadent, but it comes highly recommended.
Moi, outside of Houghtons...carrying my goodies out!
Here we started our degustation - trying wines with various foods...it was great fun and the wine was spectacular. There was cheese, smoked meats, asparagus, salmon and chocolate.. everything was designed to enhance the different wines we were tasting!

A cornucopia of food for our wine...
Brad coming out of Talijancich

Next stop Talijancich. Three Generations of Wine Making are behind the reputation of Talijancich Wines, which was established in 1932 and is located in the heart of the Swan Valley Region of Western Australia.
Talijancich Wines are synonymous with great character and complexity and are renowned for producing Verdelho, Shiraz and luscious, aged Liqueurs - a bottle of which I have been drinking every evening since I got back!. More cheese and wine here and we were then off to our last stop before lunch - John Kosovich Wines
tipple of the moment - serve over ice - delicious
At John Kosovich the wine tasting was down in the cool cellar - a feat for me at a slightly tipsy stage to get down and up from !
Brad pulling up under the hanging vines...
Another little family business, I loved the reserve Cabernet malbec, which I just had to treat myself to!
The sales area down in the cellar.. I just made it!
Wine tasting over it was off a spot of lunch (and some more wine). Today this would be at 'Dear Friends'. It was a very pretty location, set in rolling countryside, and has won numerous awards. I'd like to comment on the food, but by this time I was too drunk and it all went by in a bit of a blur!!

artsy starter..Marin and other stuff!
All in all, a great day. next time I'll eat more for breakfast and probably enjoy my lunch more!!

Thanks Brad, you are highly recommended. Please try the http://www.longlunchtourco.com.au/  when you are next in Perth, it was great!


Annie (Lady M) x said...

You are an animal! Drinking at 10am in the morning, tut tut. Sounds like ace fun though, I wish I was there.

Clare and Gary said...

You so would have joined me !!!

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