May 3, 2010

Time to look past Fox & CNN

Life passes us by so quickly, that we rarely have time to absorb, let along read / listen to all the news that is happening. I find media in the United States atrocious. The same stories repeated 10 times an hour, over and over, with just a different perspective dependent on whether you are watching Fox or CNN. I therefore turn to NPR radio news for a bit of un-biased and innovative reporting and the BBC website for all else, and it is here that I pick up all sorts of gems every day, none of which would ever make national headlines…

Whilst my husband gets ready at a ‘cover my head with the duvet’ early every morning I scroll the latest news headlines on my Blackberry to see if anything interesting is happening in the world, here are some stories of note that you may have missed….

Interesting story no. 1

Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president well known for his marathon TV addresses to the nation, has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts.

After he promised to "let loose" on Tuesday night, a Spanish-language tweet duly appeared on his new chavezcandanga account 14 minutes after midnight. It was a simple message to say he was off on a working trip to Brazil. By morning the leftist leader, a divisive figure at home and abroad, had nearly 29,000 followers on Twitter.

With his popularity dented by a recession and soaring inflation, the Venezuelan leader has often been out maneuvered by opponents more active on the web than his supporters, correspondents say.

His 1st Tweet! - Hey how's it going? I appeared like I said I would: at midnight. I'm off to Brazil. And very happy to work for Venezuela. We will be victorious!!

A close aide, Public Works Minister Diosdado Cabello, announced on Monday that Chavez supporters planned to "storm" social networking sites. "The opposition thinks it owns the social networking sites - they think Twitter and Facebook belong to them," he said. "We're fighting and there are seven million of us who will have Twitter," he declared, referring to the membership claimed by Mr Chavez's United Socialist Party.

Mr Cabello promised that the presidential Twitter feed would carry messages "from our commander".

Well I’ve just signed up for Mr Chavez’s Twitter rants (in Spanish), he now has 189,000 – not quite the 7 million he was hoping for.. I mean who does he think he is, Ashton Kucher?

Interesting story no. 2

German man 'marries' his dying cat

A German man has unofficially married his cat after the animal fell ill and vets told him it might not live much longer, Bild newspaper reports.

It says Uwe Mitzscherlich, 39, paid an actress 300 euros (£260,$395) to officiate at the ceremony, as marrying an animal is illegal in Germany.

Mr Mitzscherlich said he had wanted to tie the knot before his asthmatic cat Cecilia died.

The cat and groom have lived together for 10 years.

"Cecilia is such a trusting creature. We cuddle all the time and she has always slept in my bed," Mr Mitzscherlich, a postman from the eastern town of Possendorf, told Bild.

Actress Christin-Maria Lohri, who officiated the ceremony, was quoted as saying: "At first I thought it was a joke. But for Mr Mitzscherlich it's a dream come true".

Interesting (& heart warming) story no. 3

A miniature horse named Einstein is vying for the title of world's smallest horse.

Although currently unverified by the Guinness Book of Records, the one-week-old youngster stands at 14in (35.6cm) tall, weighs just 6lb (2.7kg) and is 7in shorter than the average miniature foal says Judy Smith, who bred the pint-sized pony in the United States.

His owners Charlie Cantrell and Dr Rachel Wagner say they plan to keep him at the New Hampshire farm where he was born.

My advice to all is look past the mainstream for something a little more entertaining, informative and mind broadening.



The Naked Writer said...

lmao! WOw, I guess in Germany anything really does go huh? that story made my night! i will now laugh myself to sleep ;o)

Duane Scott said...

German is crazy weird, dude.

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