May 5, 2010

Vacation preparation...

I've been busy this week... what with lots of work to finish off, a stack of ironing ( and when I say stack, I mean STACK - I hate ironing, I normally like to save pile of it for when my friend Anne comes, but she doesn't like me anymore and hasn't bothered to visit) (Only joking you want to book a holiday when I'm back from Aus?)and there is the packing...Packing, where are you going Clare?

Well, I'm off on a little sojourn to Jamaica actually (Whoop Whoop). Consequently this week has been manic. Today is nails day (you should see them) and I pity the poor girl when she starts on my feet.. don't quite know what has happened to them these past two weeks but they look something like this....

Maybe not quite this bad!
Hoping by this afternoon they will look like this!
Then its a home to touch up the gray... yes, not only am I not a natural blond, I have tons of grey too!  I don't know what my natural colour is anymore its been so long that I've been dyeing it. Unfortunately whilst my Mother is extremely youthful in the face (hopefully this will pass down to me!) she went grey very early in life and I followed quickly behind.. so in between highlights I have to touch my grey up every 2-3 weeks... nightmare!

I've booked Gary into Doggy Daycare for the weekend - he goes to Dog Day Afternoon. He always has a great time and gets to play all day with the other dogs! I did tell him this morning that he was going on his holidays and didn't get much response..

Gary not taking any notice of me ..
I'm not having my dog ignoring me, so I coaxed him up and got him to sit and listen me ..

'Gary, Mommy loves you, but she's leaving you for 4 days at Dog school. You'll have a great time, and wont even miss us'
 As you can see, he doesn't care a hoot...and what tongue!

Maybe get one more post in tomorrow before I leave, but if not, Bon Voyage...and I'll be back with an irritating amount of tropical pictures next week xx

Think of me when I have to get off my sunbed to swim to the pool bar...


Nails buffed and shined, I look like a human again, although as I chose to have 'holiday, no work nails' I now cannot type!
Gary ..loving the taste of my new nails!



Annie (Lady M) x said...

Eh up. That sounds like a 'done deal'- we shall arrange a US trip for me once you are back from Oz!

But hey chick, you printed that pic of Gary's tongue but you need to showcase yours...... *wink*

Clare and Gary said...

Shusssh that is supposed to be a secret!

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