May 13, 2010

The Wonderer returns...

I know you didn't miss me but I'm back. Back from glorious Jamaican weather to glorious Florida weather... ok so we didn't go for the weather but we topped up on relaxation, fun and cocktails of all descriptions!

4 nights of Sandals and I feel like a new woman... raring to go (until I leave my office and see all the washing that needs doing!).

I'm not going to dribble on too much about it, but here a few pics for you .. you'll get the drift.. lazing around reading, drinking cocktails and eating too much... I was very proud of myself ... I didn't log on the whole vacation and only phoned to see if Gary was ok ( not missing us one bit) at doggy daycare..

I loved Jamaica, and the people were amazing..we're already planning next year...

Gary wishes he'd been able to come to Jamaica

Reading my book view no. 1

all I was allowed to take of hubby

from lunch spot

Our villa

catch a ride here after too many cocktails

amazing fan palms

new spot on beach

rocking the new hat

maids had nothing better to do!

breakfast location

Is it wrong to make your dog pose with Red Stripe?


Duane Scott said...

Okay, I'm gonna send you a message and ask you more about this place. I've decided I want to plan my next vacay there. :)

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Oh Wow! it looks You lucky git. I'm glad you had a fab time... you deserved it. But what is going on with Gary in the hat and beer... very funny pic!

Clare and Gary said...

Those were his presents from Jamaica!

The Naked Writer said...

looks beautiful, i love the swans ...never been to Jamaica before but want to go now! Glad you had a great time ;o)

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