Aug 5, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Just a quick one...we went to see 'The Ugly Truth''s not often I manage to drag Hubby to a romantic comedy, so I had my fingers ( and everything else crossed ), and we loved it... and the ladies in front of us were actually wetting themselves laughing ( she had to get up twice!)

I'm posting a review from another reviewer on Mr Movietimes as she was so spot on...go see it, its funny and although you know how it's going to end its fun getting there!

p.s. Gerard Butler is a rough sort of way....LOL

AWESOME...AWESOME!! Every woman should see this movie and bring their teenage daughter ESPECIALLY if you are in LA LA LAND about men [as i was in most of my life..which is why i am a single parent...]. i truly identified with Katherine's character and the crap i was raised to believe as a sugar and spice and gorgeous child.. Believe me no matter how great you look ..YOU HAVE TO TRULY BE YOURSELF.....STOP TRYING TO CHANGE THEM. STOP LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT GUY..SHOW YOUR TRUE SELF. Get your head out of the clouds about your knight in shining armor. MEN ARE SIMPLE... they truly do not need anyone in charge of them...controlling them. females either should make an exit ,accept the guy with all his imperfections,or if it makes them happy keep your stupid search going for mr. wonderful.

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